Marquess Abergavenny

On 14 Jan 1876 William Neville 1st Marquess Abergavenny was created 1st Marquess Abergavenny

On 12 Dec 1915 Reginald Neville 2nd Marquess Abergavenny succeeded 2nd Marquess Abergavenny

On 13 Oct 1927 Henry Neville 3rd Marquess Abergavenny succeeded 3rd Marquess Abergavenny

On 10 Jan 1938 Guy Larnach Neville 4th Marquess Abergavenny succeeded 4th Marquess Abergavenny

On 30 Mar 1954 John Henry Guy Neville 5th Marquess Abergavenny succeeded 5th Marquess Abergavenny

On 23 Feb 2000 Christopher Neville 6th Marquess Abergavenny succeeded 6th Marquess Abergavenny

Marquess Ailesbury

Marquess Ailesbury (1C)

On 17 Jul 1821 Charles Brudenell-Bruce was created 1st Marquess Ailesbury (1C)

On 04 Jan 1856 George William Frederick Brudenell-Bruce succeeded 2nd Marquess Ailesbury (1C)

On 06 Jan 1878 Ernest Augustus Charles Brudenell-Bruce succeeded 3rd Marquess Ailesbury (1C)

On 18 Oct 1886 George William Thomas Brudenell-Bruce succeeded 4th Marquess Ailesbury (1C)

Marquess Ailesbury (2C)

Marquess Alton

On 30 Apr 1694 Charles Talbot 1st Duke Shrewsbury was created 1st Marquess Alton

Marquess Anglesey

On 04 Jul 1815 Henry William Paget 1st Marquess Anglesey was created 1st Marquess Anglesey

On 29 Apr 1854 Henry Paget 2nd Marquess Anglesey succeeded 2nd Marquess Anglesey

On 07 Feb 1869 Henry Paget 3rd Marquess Anglesey succeeded 3rd Marquess Anglesey

On 30 Jan 1880 Henry Paget 4th Marquess Anglesey succeeded 4th Marquess Anglesey

On 13 Oct 1898 Henry Cyril "Toppy" Paget 5th Marquess Anglesey succeeded 5th Marquess Anglesey

On 14 Mar 1905 Charles Henry Alexander Paget 6th Marquess Anglesey succeeded 6th Marquess Anglesey

On 21 Feb 1947 George Charles Henry Victor Paget 7th Marquess Anglesey succeeded 7th Marquess Anglesey

On 13 Jul 2013 Charles Alexander Vaughan Paget 8th Marquess Anglesey succeeded 8th Marquess Anglesey

Marquess Bath

In 1789 Thomas Thynne 1st Marquess Bath was created 1st Marquess Bath

On Nov 1796 Thomas Thynne 2nd Marquess Bath succeeded 2nd Marquess Bath

On 27 Mar 1837 Henry Frederick Thynne 3rd Marquess Bath succeeded 3rd Marquess Bath

On 24 Jun 1837 John Alexander Thynne 4th Marquess Bath succeeded 4th Marquess Bath

On 20 Apr 1896 Thomas Henry Thynne 5th Marquess Bath succeeded 5th Marquess Bath

On 09 Jun 1946 Henry Frederick Thynne 6th Marquess Bath succeeded 6th Marquess Bath

Alexander George Thynn 7th Marquess Bath succeeded 7th Marquess Bath

Marquess Berkeley

On 28 Jan 1489 William Berkeley 1st Marquess Berkeley was created 1st Marquess Berkeley

Marquess Bristol

In 1826 Frederick Hervey 1st Marquess Bristol was created 1st Marquess Bristol

On 15 Feb 1859 Frederick Hervey 2nd Marquess Bristol succeeded 2nd Marquess Bristol

On 30 Oct 1864 Frederick William John Hervey 3rd Marquess Bristol succeeded 3rd Marquess Bristol

On 07 Aug 1907 Frederick Hervey 4th Marquess Bristol succeeded 4th Marquess Bristol

Marquess Cambridge

On 17 Jul 1917 Adolphus Cambridge was created 1st Marquess Cambridge

On 24 Oct 1927 George Cambridge succeeded 2nd Marquess Cambridge

Marquess Camden

On 04 May 1872 John Pratt succeeded 4th Marquess Camden

On 15 Dec 1943 John Pratt succeeded 5th Marquess Camden

John Charles Pratt succeeded 3rd Marquess Camden

Marquess Carnarvon

Marquess Cholmondeley

In 1815 George Cholmondeley 1st Marquess Cholmondeley was created 1st Marquess Cholmondeley

On 10 Apr 1827 George Cholmondeley 2nd Marquess Cholmondeley succeeded 2nd Marquess Cholmondeley

On 08 May 1870 William Cholmondeley 3rd Marquess Cholmondeley succeeded 3rd Marquess Cholmondeley

Marquess Cornwallis

In 1792 Charles Cornwallis was created 1st Marquess Cornwallis

On 05 Oct 1805 Charles Cornwallis succeeded 2nd Marquess Cornwallis

Marquess Crewe

In 1911 Robert Offley Ashburton Crewe-Milnes was created 1st Marquess Crewe

Marquess Curzon Kedleston

On 28 Jun 1921 George Nathaniel Curzon 1st Marquess Curzon Kedleston was created 1st Marquess Curzon Kedleston

Marquess Dorchester

In 1645 Henry Pierrepoint 1st Marquess Dorchester was created 1st Marquess Dorchester

In 1706 Evelyn 1st Duke Kingston upon Hull was created 1st Marquess Dorchester

On 05 Mar 1726 Evelyn 2nd Duke Kingston upon Hull succeeded 2nd Marquess Dorchester

Marquess Dorset

Marquess Dorset (1C 1397)

On 29 Sep 1397 John Beaufort 1st Marquess Dorset, 1st Marquess Somerset was created 1st Marquess Dorset (1C 1397)

Marquess Dorset (2C 1442)

In 1442 Edmund Beaufort 2nd Duke Somerset was created 1st Marquess Dorset (2C 1442)

Marquess Dorset (3C 1475)

In 1475 Thomas Grey 1st Marquess Dorset was created 1st Marquess Dorset (3C 1475)

On 20 Sep 1501 Thomas Grey 2nd Marquess Dorset succeeded 2nd Marquess Dorset (3C 1475)

In 1509 Margaret Wotton by marriage 2nd Marquess Dorset (3C 1475)

On 10 Oct 1530 Henry Grey 1st Duke Suffolk succeeded 3rd Marquess Dorset (3C 1475)

Marquess Exeter

Marquess Exeter (1C 1525)

In 1525 Gertrude Blount by marriage 1st Marquess Exeter (1C 1525)

On 18 Jun 1525 Henry Courtenay 1st Marquess Exeter was created 1st Marquess Exeter (1C 1525) at Bridewell Palace during the Knighting of Henry Fitzroy

Marquess Exeter (2C 1801)

On Feb 1801 Henry Cecil 1st Marquess Exeter was created 1st Marquess Exeter (2C 1801)

On 01 May 1804 Brownlow Cecil 2nd Marquess Exeter succeeded 2nd Marquess Exeter (2C 1801)

On 16 Jan 1867 William Alleyne Cecil 3rd Marquess Exeter succeeded 3rd Marquess Exeter (2C 1801)

On 14 Jul 1895 Brownlow Henry George Cecil 4th Marquess Exeter succeeded 4th Marquess Exeter (2C 1801)

On 09 Apr 1898 William Cecil 5th Marquess Exeter succeeded 5th Marquess Exeter (2C 1801)

In 1956 David George Brownlow Cecil 6th Marquess Exeter succeeded 6th Marquess Exeter (2C 1801)

On 22 Oct 1981 William Martin Alleyne Brownlow Cecil 7th Marquess Exeter succeeded 7th Marquess Exeter (2C 1801)

Marquess Grandby

On 29 Mar 1703 John Manners 1st Duke Rutland was created 1st Marquess Grandby

On 10 Jan 1711 John Manners 2nd Duke Rutland succeeded 2nd Marquess Grandby

On 22 Feb 1721 John Manners 3rd Duke Rutland succeeded 3rd Marquess Grandby

On 29 May 1779 Charles Manners 4th Duke Rutland succeeded 4th Marquess Grandby

Marquess Grey

In 1740 Henry Grey 1st Duke Kent was created 1st Marquess Grey

Marquess Halifax

In 1682 George Savile was created 1st Marquess Halifax

On 05 Apr 1695 William Savile succeeded 2nd Marquess Halifax

Marquess Hastings

On 06 Dec 1816 Francis Rawdon-Hastings was created 1st Marquess Hastings

On 28 Nov 1826 George Augustus Francis Rawdon-Hastings succeeded 2nd Marquess Hastings

On 13 Jan 1844 Paulyn Reginald Serlo Rawdon-Hastings succeeded 3rd Marquess Hastings

In 1851 Henry Weysford Charles Plantagenet Rawdon-Hastings succeeded 4th Marquess Hastings

Marquess Hertford

In 1793 Francis Seymour-Conway 1st Marquess Hertford was created 1st Marquess Hertford

On 14 Jun 1794 Francis Ingram-Seymour-Conway 2nd Marquess Hertford succeeded 2nd Marquess Hertford

On 28 Jun 1822 Francis Charles Seymour-Conway 3rd Marquess Hertford succeeded 3rd Marquess Hertford

On 01 Mar 1842 Richard Seymour-Conway 4th Marquess Hertford succeeded 4th Marquess Hertford

On 25 Aug 1870 Francis George Hugh Seymour-Conway 5th Marquess Hertford succeeded 5th Marquess Hertford

On 25 Jan 1884 Hugh de Grey Seymour-Conway 6th Marquess Hertford succeeded 6th Marquess Hertford

On 23 Mar 1912 George Francis Alexander Seymour 7th Marquess Hertford succeeded 7th Marquess Hertford

In 1940 Hugh Seymour 8th Marquess Hertford succeeded 8th Marquess Hertford

Marquess Hertford (1C 1641)

Marquess Hertford (2C 1793)

Marquess Kent

In 1706 Henry Grey 1st Duke Kent was created 1st Marquess Kent

On 05 Jun 1740 Jemima Campbell succeeded 2nd Marquess Kent

Marquess of Lincolnshire

In 1912 Charles Robert Wynn-Carington was created 1st Marquess of Lincolnshire

Marquess Lindsay

In 1706 Robert Bertie 1st Duke Ancaster and Kesteven was created 1st Marquess Lindsay

On 26 Jul 1723 Peregrine Bertie 2nd Duke Ancaster and Kesteven succeeded 2nd Marquess Lindsay

On 01 Jan 1742 Peregrine Bertie 3rd Duke Ancaster and Kesteven succeeded 3rd Marquess Lindsay

On 12 Aug 1778 Robert Bertie 4th Duke Ancaster and Kesteven succeeded 4th Marquess Lindsay

On 08 Jul 1779 Brownlow Bertie 5th Duke Ancaster and Kesteven succeeded 5th Marquess Lindsay

Marquess Londonderry

In 1816 Robert Stewart was created 1st Marquess Londonderry

On 12 Aug 1822 Charles William Vane succeeded 3rd Marquess Londonderry

On 06 Mar 1854 Frederick William Robert Stewart succeeded 4th Marquess Londonderry

On 25 Nov 1872 George Henry Robert Charles William Vane-Tempest succeeded 5th Marquess Londonderry

On 06 Nov 1884 Charles Stewart Vane-Tempest-Stewart succeeded 6th Marquess Londonderry

Marquess Milford Haven

On 07 Nov 1917 Louis Mountbatten 1st Marquess Milford Haven was created 1st Marquess Milford Haven

On 11 Sep 1921 George Mountbatten 2nd Marquess Milford Haven succeeded 2nd Marquess Milford Haven

On 08 Apr 1938 David Mountbatten 3rd Marquess Milford Haven succeeded 3rd Marquess Milford Haven

On 14 Apr 1970 George Mountbatten 4th Marquess Milford Haven succeeded 4th Marquess Milford Haven

Marquess Montagu

On 27 Mar 1470 John Neville 1st Marquess Montagu was created 1st Marquess Montagu

Marquess Normanby

On 25 Jun 1838 Constantine Phipps was created 1st Marquess Normanby

On 25 Jun 1838 George Phipps succeeded 2nd Marquess Normanby

On 03 Apr 1890 Constantine Phipps succeeded 3rd Marquess Normanby

Marquess Northampton

Marquess Northampton (1C 1547)

In 1547 William Parr 1st Marquess Northampton was created 1st Marquess Northampton (1C 1547)

Marquess Northampton (2C 1812)

In 1812 Charles Compton 1st Marquess Northampton was created 1st Marquess Northampton (2C 1812)

On 24 May 1828 Spencer Compton 2nd Marquess Northampton succeeded 2nd Marquess Northampton (2C 1812)

On 17 Jan 1851 Charles Compton 3rd Marquess Northampton succeeded 3rd Marquess Northampton (2C 1812)

In 1877 William Compton 4th Marquess Northampton succeeded 4th Marquess Northampton (2C 1812)

In 1897 William George Spencer Scott Compton 5th Marquess Northampton succeeded 5th Marquess Northampton (2C 1812)

Marquess Pembroke

On 01 Sep 1532 Anne Boleyn Queen Consort England was created 1st Marquess Pembroke at Windsor Castle during the Anne Boleyn: Investiture as Marquess of Pembroke

Marquess Powis

In 1687 William Herbert 1st Marquess Powis was created 1st Marquess Powis

On 02 Jun 1696 William Herbert 2nd Marquess Powis succeeded 2nd Marquess Powis

In 1745 William Herbert 3rd Marquess Powis succeeded 3rd Marquess Powis

In 1745 William Herbert 3rd Marquess Powis succeeded 3rd Marquess Powis

Marquess Ripon

In 1871 George Frederick Samuel Robinson was created 1st Marquess Ripon

Marquess Rockingham

In 1746 Thomas Watson-Wentworth was created 1st Marquess Rockingham

On 14 Dec 1750 Charles Watson-Wentworth succeeded 2nd Marquess Rockingham

Marquess Salisbury in Wiltshire

In 1789 James Cecil 1st Marquess Salisbury in Wiltshire was created 1st Marquess Salisbury in Wiltshire

On 13 Jun 1823 James Brownlow William Gascoyne-Cecil 2nd Marquess Salisbury in Wiltshire succeeded 2nd Marquess Salisbury in Wiltshire

On 12 Apr 1868 Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-Cecil 3rd Marquess Salisbury in Wiltshire succeeded 3rd Marquess Salisbury in Wiltshire

On 22 Aug 1903 James Gascoyne-Cecil 4th Marquess Salisbury in Wiltshire succeeded 4th Marquess Salisbury in Wiltshire

On 04 Apr 1947 Robert Arthur James Gascoyne-Cecil 5th Marquess Salisbury in Wiltshire succeeded 5th Marquess Salisbury in Wiltshire

Marquess Somerset

Marquess Somerset (2C 1397)

On 29 Sep 1397 John Beaufort 1st Marquess Dorset, 1st Marquess Somerset was created 1st Marquess Somerset (2C 1397)

Marquess Stafford

In 1786 Granville Leveson-Gower 1st Marquess Stafford was created 1st Marquess Stafford

On 26 Oct 1803 George Granville Leveson-Gower 1st Duke Sutherland succeeded 2nd Marquess Stafford

Marquess Suffolk

Marquess Suffolk (1C)

In 1444 William "Jackanapes" Pole 1st Duke Suffolk was created 1st Marquess Suffolk (1C)

On 01 May 1450 John Pole 2nd Duke Suffolk succeeded 2nd Marquess Suffolk (1C)

Before 27 Oct 1492 Edmund Pole 3rd Duke Suffolk succeeded 3rd Marquess Suffolk (1C)

Marquess Tavistock

On 11 May 1694 William Russell 1st Duke Bedford was created 1st Marquess Tavistock

On 07 Sep 1700 Wriothesley Russell 2nd Duke Bedford succeeded 2nd Marquess Tavistock

On 26 May 1711 Wriothesley Russell 3rd Duke Bedford succeeded 3rd Marquess Tavistock

On 23 Oct 1732 John Russell 4th Duke Bedford succeeded 4th Marquess Tavistock

On 05 Jan 1771 Francis Russell 5th Duke Bedford succeeded 5th Marquess Tavistock

On 02 Mar 1802 John Russell 6th Duke Bedford succeeded 6th Marquess Tavistock

On 20 Oct 1839 Francis Russell 7th Duke Bedford succeeded 7th Marquess Tavistock

On 14 May 1861 William Russell 8th Duke Bedford succeeded 8th Marquess Tavistock

On 27 May 1872 Francis Russell Russell 9th Duke Bedford succeeded 9th Marquess Tavistock

On 14 Jan 1891 George William Sackville 10th Duke Bedford succeeded 10th Marquess Tavistock

On 23 Mar 1893 Herbrand Arthur Sackville 11th Duke Bedford succeeded 11th Marquess Tavistock

On 27 Aug 1940 Hastings William Russell 12th Duke Bedford succeeded 12th Marquess Tavistock

On 09 Oct 1953 John Ian Robert Russell 13th Duke Bedford succeeded 13th Marquess Tavistock

On 25 Oct 2002 Henry Robin Ian Russell 14th Duke Bedford succeeded 14th Marquess Tavistock

On 13 Jun 2003 Andrew Ian Henry Russell 15th Duke Bedford succeeded 15th Marquess Tavistock

Marquess Townshend

On 27 Oct 1787 George Townshend 1st Marquess Townshend was created 1st Marquess Townshend

On 14 Sep 1807 George Townshend 2nd Marquess Townshend succeeded 2nd Marquess Townshend

On 27 Jul 1811 George Townshend 3rd Marquess Townshend succeeded 3rd Marquess Townshend

Marquess Westminster

In 1831 Robert Grosvenor 1st Marquess Westminster was created 1st Marquess Westminster

On 17 Feb 1845 Richard Grosvenor 2nd Marquess Westminster succeeded 2nd Marquess Westminster

Marquess Wharton

In 1715 Thomas Wharton was created 1st Marquess Wharton

On 12 Apr 1715 Philip Wharton succeeded 2nd Marquess Wharton

Marquess Winchester

On 11 Oct 1551 William Paulet 1st Marquess Winchester was created 1st Marquess Winchester

On 10 Mar 1572 John Paulet 2nd Marquess Winchester succeeded 2nd Marquess Winchester

On 04 Nov 1576 William Paulet 3rd Marquess Winchester succeeded 3rd Marquess Winchester

On 24 Nov 1598 William Paulet 4th Marquess Winchester succeeded 4th Marquess Winchester

On 04 Feb 1629 John Paulet 5th Marquess Winchester succeeded 5th Marquess Winchester

On 05 Mar 1675 Charles Paulet 1st Duke Bolton succeeded 6th Marquess Winchester

On 27 Feb 1699 Charles Paulet 2nd Duke Bolton succeeded 7th Marquess Winchester

In 1843 John Paulet succeeded 14th Marquess Winchester

Marquess Worcester

Marquess Worcester (1C

On 02 Nov 1642 Henry Somerset 1st Marquess Worcester was created 1st Marquess Worcester (1C

On 18 Dec 1646 Edward Somerset 2nd Marquess Worcester succeeded 2nd Marquess Worcester (1C

On 03 Apr 1667 Henry Somerset 1st Duke Beaufort succeeded 3rd Marquess Worcester (1C