2 Camail and Jupon aka Edwardian 1360-1420

Monument to William 2nd Baron Greystoke 1321-1359

Monument to Sampson Strelley -1390 and Elizabeth Hercy

Monument to Ralph Neville 1st Earl Westmoreland 1364-1425 and his wives Margaret Stafford 1364-1396 and Joan Beaufort 1379-1440

3 Lancastrian aka Early Plate 1415-1450

Monument to William Rhyther 1360-1426 and Sybil Aldeburgh 1336-1439

Monument to John 4th Baron Greystoke 1389-1426

Monument to Richard Redman 1350-1426 and Elizabeth Aldeburgh 1362-1417

4 Yorkist or Wars of the Roses or Fluted 1440-1485

Monument to William Gascoigne 1409-1465 and Margaret Clarell

Monument to Nicholas Fitzherbert 1400-1473

Monument to Ralph Fitzherbert 1428-1484 and Elizabeth Marshall 1437-1490

Monument to William Gascoigne 1452-1487 and Margaret Percy 1447-

Monument to John Strelley 1456-1501 and Sanchia Willoughby 1452-1533

5 Early Tudor 1484-1530

Monument to Edward Redman Lord Harewood 1455-1510 and Elizabeth Huddlestone 1450-1526

Monument to Thomas Babington 1449-1518 and Editha Fitzherbert 1457-1511


Francis Leggatt Chantrey

Memorial to Lieutenant General Sir George Prevost

Memorial to Charlotte Elizabeth Digby

Francis Chantry's "Sleeping Children"

Memorial to Harriet Susan, Viscountess Fitzharris

John Flaxman

Memorial to Harriet Susan, Viscountess Fitzharris

Thomas Banks

Penelope's Tomb


John Adams-Acton

Samuel Waldegrave, 57th Bishop of Carlisle

John Bacon

Monument to Henry Willoughby 5th Baron Middleton 1726-1800, Francis Willoughby 3rd Baron Middleton, Thomas Willoughby 4th Baron Middleton and Dorothy Cartright

Henry Hugh Armstead

Francis Close

James Forsyth

Effigy of Bishop James Atlay. Died 1868.

Bertram McKennal

Memorial to General Sir Redvers Henry Buller V.C.

Memorial to Reverend Frederic Iremonger

A Trentanove

Memorial to Corisande, Countess of Malmesbury

Henry Weekes

Memorial to Percy Bysshe Shelley

Richard Westmacott II

Memorial to Andrew Newton

Memorial of George Errington

Monument to William Harry Vane 1st Duke Cleveland 1766-1842

Monument to Charlotte Lucy Beatrix Egerton 1824-1845

Thomas Woolner

Monument to Frederick Cavendish 1836-1882

New Sculpture

George Frampton

Bishop John Wordsworth

Statue of St George by Sir George Frampton

Hamo Thorneycroft

Harvey Goodwin, 58th Bishop Carlisle