Camail and Jupon aka Edwardian 1360-1420 Period

Monument to Sampson Strelley -1390 and Elizabeth Hercy

Monument to Nicholas II Longford 1334-1373

Monument to Nicholas III Longford 1351-1401

Monument to William 2nd Baron Greystoke 1321-1359

Monument to Ralph Neville 1st Earl Westmoreland 1364-1425 and his wives Margaret Stafford 1364-1396 and Joan Beaufort 1379-1440

Lancastrian aka Early Plate 1415-1450 Period

Monument to William Phelip 6th Baron Bardolf 1383-1441 and Joan 6th Baroness Bardolf -1447

Monument to Ralph Longford 1400-1432

Monument to William Rhyther 1360-1426 and Sybil Aldeburgh 1336-1439

Monument to Richard Redman 1350-1426 and Elizabeth Aldeburgh 1362-1417

Monument to John 4th Baron Greystoke 1389-1426

Yorkist or Wars of the Roses or Fluted 1440-1485 Period

Monument to John Strelley 1456-1501 and Sanchia Willoughby 1452-1533

Monument to Nicholas Fitzherbert 1400-1473

Monument to William Gascoigne 1409-1465 and Margaret Clarell

Monument to William Gascoigne 1452-1487 and Margaret Percy 1447-

Early Tudor 1484-1530 Period

Monument to Thomas Babington 1449-1518 and Editha Fitzherbert 1457-1511

Monument to Edward Redman Lord Harewood 1455-1510 and Elizabeth Huddlestone 1450-1526

17th Century

17th Century

Monument to Arthur Coke -1629 and Elizabeth Waldegrave -1627


Pierre-Étienne Monnot 1657-1733

Monument to John Cecil 5th Earl Exeter 1648-1700

Thomas Banks 1735-1805

Penelope's Tomb


Monument to John Dutton 1594-1657

Francis Leggatt Chantrey 1781-1841

Francis Chantry's "Sleeping Children"

Memorial to Charlotte Elizabeth Digby

Memorial to Lieutenant General Sir George Prevost

John Flaxman 1755-1826

Memorial to Harriet Susan, Viscountess Fitzharris

John Michael Rysbrack 1694-1770

Monument to John 2nd Baronet Dutton 1683-1743


John Adams-Acton 1830-1910

Samuel Waldegrave, 57th Bishop of Carlisle

John Bacon 1740-1799

Monument to Henry Willoughby 5th Baron Middleton 1726-1800, Francis Willoughby 3rd Baron Middleton, Thomas Willoughby 4th Baron Middleton and Dorothy Cartright

Henry Hugh Armstead 1828-1905

Francis Close

James Forsyth 1864-1942

Effigy of Bishop James Atlay

T Gaffin

Monument to Anne Constance Dutton 1816-1858

Bertram McKennal 1863-1931

Memorial to Reverend Frederic Iremonger

Memorial to General Sir Redvers Henry Buller VC

William Theed 1804-1891

Monument to James Dutton 1st Baron Sherborne 1744-1820

Monument to Elizabeth Howard 1803-1845

A Trentanove

Memorial to Corisande, Countess of Malmesbury

Henry Weekes 1807-1877

Memorial to Percy Bysshe Shelley

Richard Westmacott I 1747-1808

Monument to James Lenox Dutton 1713-1776 and his second wife Jane Bond -1776

Richard Westmacott II 1775-1856

Memorial of George Errington

Memorial to Andrew Newton

Monument to William Harry Vane 1st Duke Cleveland 1766-1842

Richard Westmacott III 1799-1872

Monument to Charlotte Lucy Beatrix Egerton 1824-1845

Thomas Woolner 1825-1892

Monument to Frederick Cavendish 1836-1882

New Sculpture

George Frampton 1860-1928

Monument to Charles Henry Wilson, 1st Baron Nunburnholme 1833-1907

Monument to Gerald Valerian Wilson 1885-1908

Monument to Lady Isabel Wilson 1879-1905

Statue of St George

Bishop John Wordsworth

Hamo Thorneycroft 1850-1925

Harvey Goodwin, 58th Bishop Carlisle