Carew Castle

1173 William Fitzgerald [73] died

09 Jul 1271 Alice Marshal [56] died

1279 William Carew [64] died


Milford Haven

Mill Bay

Henry Tudor lands at Mill Bay 07 Aug 1485

Philibert Chandee Earl Bath knighted by Henry VII

Henry VII King England and Ireland [28]

Edward Courtenay 1st Earl Devon knighted by Henry VII

John 1st Viscountess Welles [35] knighted by Henry VII

Richard Guildford [35] knighted by Henry VII

John Cheney 1st Baron Cheyne [43] knighted by Henry VII

John Blount 3rd Baron Mountjoy [35] landed


1145 John Marshal born to John Fitzgilbert and Sybil Salisbury

1194 John Marshal [49] died

c 1209 Sybil Marshal born to John Marshal and Aline Rye

c 1254 Sybil Marshal [45] died

St David's

St David's Cathedral

1081 Rhys ap Tewdwr King Deheubarth [16] sought sanctuary

a 28 Apr 1197 Rhys "The Lord Rhys" ap Gruffydd Dinefwr [65] buried

Rhys Gryg ap Rhys Dinefwr buried

St Dogmaels

St Dogmaels Abbey

c 1117 Robert FitzMartin Fitzmartin founded