Greater Antilles


On 06 Oct 1688 Christopher Monck 2nd Duke Albermarle died at Jamaica

On 24 May 1741 Augustus Fitzroy died at Jamaica

On 07 Jun 1843 Elizabeth Mary Cumming-Bruce died from childbirth at Jamaica

In 1865 Edward Joseph Vernon died at Jamaica



In 1853 Reginald Courtenay Bishop was appointed as Archdeacon Middlesex at Middlesex

Lesser Antilles


In 1650 William Tufton 1st Baronet Tufton died at Barbados

Around 1653 Robert Davers was born to Robert Davers at Barbados

In 1673 William Willoughby 6th Baron Willoughby Parham died at Barbados

On 13 Jun 1682 Robert Davers returned and took a seat on the Council. at Barbados

On 30 Nov 1683 Robert Davers was appointed as Barons of the Court of Exchequer and of Pleas at Barbados

In 1713 Edwin Lascelles 1st Baron Harewood was born to Henry Lascelles at Barbados


On 24 Nov 1807 Neville Fane died of yellow fever at Bridgetown