1556 Randle Stanley born to Thomas Stanley and Ursula Cholmley


Beeston Castle

c 1220 Ranulf de Blondeville Gernon 6th Earl Chester, 1st Earl Lincoln [50] built

a 04 Aug 1265 Humphrey Bohun [40] imprisoned

Oct 1265 Humphrey Bohun [40] died


1412 Rhys ap Tudor Tudor executed

1559 George Tuchet 9th Baron Audley married Joan Platt

29 Sep 1642 James Stanley 7th Earl Derby [35] succeeded 7th Earl Derby (3C 1485)

Chester Abbey

c Jan 1129 Ranulf le Meschin Gernon 3rd Earl Chester [59] buried

Cheadle Royal

13 Oct 1927 Reginald Neville 2nd Marquess Abergavenny [74] died


1449 Thomas Savage Archbishop York born to John Savage and Katherine Stanley

Dunham Massey

St Mark's Church

a 18 Aug 1976 Roger Grey 10th Earl Stamford [80] buried

Eaton Hall

1894 Adolphus Cambridge Duke Teck [26] married Margaret Grosvenor


Mere Hall

02 May 1675 George Booth 2nd Earl Warrington born to Henry Booth 1st Earl Warrington and Mary Langham

Mottram in Longendale

Edmund Shaa Lord Mayor of London born to John Shaa


1328 Joan Fitzwarin [75] died


c 1430 Geoffrey Pole born to Richard Pole