Barking Abbey

Mary Vere appointed Nun

Belchamp St Paul

01 Aug 1548 John Vere 16th Earl Oxford [32] married Margery Golding



a 14 Dec 1593 Henry Radclyffe 4th Earl Sussex [61] buried


1241 Roger Acquigny [61] died

b 1284 Florence Acquigny [62] died

Bradwell Juxta Coggleshall

1276 Thomas 1st Baron Dagworth born



Castle Hedingham

10 Mar 1513 John Vere 13th Earl Oxford [71] died


George Seymour born to John Seymour and Elizabeth Coker


1144 John Fitzrichard born to Richard Fitzeustace and Albreda Lissours

Colne Priory

a 24 Jan 1360 John Vere 7th Earl Oxford [48] buried

a 10 Mar 1513 John Vere 13th Earl Oxford [71] buried

a 14 Jul 1526 John Vere 14th Earl Oxford [27] buried

Dunmow Priory

1293 Walter Fitzrobert [18] died

Earls Colne

c Dec 1263 Hugh Vere 4th Earl Oxford [55] buried

1420 Ralph Audley born

c 1450 Geoffrey Audley born to Ralph Audley

c 1488 Thomas 1st Baron Audley Walden born to Geoffrey Audley

East Horndon

04 Apr 1541 John Tyrrell [59] died

Heron Hall

c 1348 Walter Tyrrell born to Thomas Tyrrell

c 1382 John Tyrrell born to Walter Tyrrell

1406 Walter Tyrrell [58] died

c 1408 William Tyrrell born to John Tyrrell

c 1411 Thomas Tyrrell born to John Tyrrell

c 1411 Thomas Tyrrell born to John Tyrrell

c 1427 Humphrey Tyrrell born to Thomas Tyrrell

02 Apr 1437 John Tyrrell [55] died

28 Mar 1476 Thomas Tyrrell [65] died

28 Mar 1477 Thomas Tyrrell [66] died

c 1507 Humphrey Tyrrell [80] died


07 Jul 1586 Thomas Howard 4th Earl Surrey, 21st Earl Arundel, 1st Earl Norfolk born to Philip Howard 20th Earl Arundel and Anne Dacre

Great Hallingbury

1556 Henry Parker 10th Baron Morley [80] died

01 Jul 1622 William Parker 13th Baron Morley, 4th Baron Monteagle [47] died

Hatfield Broad Oak

Hatfield Regis Priory

1214 Aubrey Vere 2nd Earl Oxford [51] died

25 Oct 1221 Robert Vere 3rd Earl Oxford [56] died

Hatfield Chase

Battle of Hatfield Chase: Gwynedd and Mercia 12 Oct 633

Penda King Mercia

Battle of Hatfield Chase: Northumbria 12 Oct 633

Eadfrith Deira captured

Osfrith Deira killed

Edwin King Bernicia, King Deira [47] killed


04 Mar 1238 Joan Plantagenet Queen Consort Scotland [28] died

09 Feb 1321 Richard Fitzalan 10th Earl Arundel, 8th Earl Surrey [15] married Isabel Despencer

Hedingham Castle

23 Apr 1408 John Vere 12th Earl Oxford born to Richard Vere 11th Earl Oxford and Alice Sergeaux


1247 Robert 1st Baron Fitzwalter born to Walter Fitzrobert and Ida II Longespée


c 1552 Margaret Bourchier Baroness Bryan [84] died

Little Easton

Little Easton Church

a 04 Apr 1483 Henry Bourchier 1st Earl Essex [79] buried

Low Leyton

04 Dec 1606 Charles Morrison [19] married Mary Hicks


Beeleigh Abbey

a 04 Apr 1483 Henry Bourchier 1st Earl Essex [79] buried

a 02 Oct 1484 Isabel York [75] buried

c 1495 John Bourchier 6th Baron Ferrers Groby [57] buried

Woodham Walter

c 1204 Walter Fitzrobert born

10 Apr 1258 Walter Fitzrobert [54] died


1559 Margaret Grey born to John Grey and Mary Browne


c 1471 Henry Stafford [46] buried


1579 Henry Cappell born to Arthur Cappell and Margaret Grey

29 Apr 1622 Henry Cappell [43] died



Wansted House

26 Dec 1605 Charles Blount 8th Baron Mountjoy [42] married Penelope Devereux


19 Apr 1197 Beatrice Mandeville [92] died


12 Jun 1567 Richard 1st Baron Rich of Leez [70] died

Rochford Hall


1455 Giles Cappell born to William Cappell Lord Mayor of London and Margaret Arundell

Saffron Walden

23 Dec 1513 Unknown Smith born

a 30 Apr 1544 Thomas 1st Baron Audley Walden [56] buried

19 Dec 1563 William "Belted" Howard born to Thomas Howard 4th Duke Norfolk and Margaret Audley

13 Aug 1582 Theophilus Howard 2nd Earl Suffolk born to Thomas Howard 1st Earl Suffolk and Catherine Knyvet

08 Oct 1587 Thomas Howard 1st Earl Berkshire born to Thomas Howard 1st Earl Suffolk and Catherine Knyvet

a 28 May 1626 Thomas Howard 1st Earl Suffolk [65] buried

Walden Abbey

a 07 Apr 1419 Joan Fitzalan [72] buried


Amberden Hall

Jul 1216 Robert Mortimer-Woodham [47] died


c 1203 Hugh Grey born to Henry Grey


c 1140 John Grey born

1155 Henry Grey born to John Grey

Waldon Priory

c 1166 William Mandeville 2nd Earl Essex buried

Waltham Abbey

1308 John Burgh [22] married Elizabeth Clare

a 05 May 1316 Elizabeth of Rhuddlan Plantagenet [34] buried


Witham Place

30 Sep 1728 Francis Jerome Talbot born to George Talbot and Mary Fitzwilliam


19 Dec 1507 William 2nd Viscount Beaumont [69] died

Woodham Mortimer

1143 Robert Mortimer-Woodham born

c 1169 Robert Mortimer-Woodham born to Robert Mortimer-Woodham and Maud Meschin