On 04 Oct 1484 Richard Culpepper (24) died at Acton

On 19 Aug 1537 Thomas Cornwall 8th Baron Burford (70) died at Acton

On 08 Aug 1637 Richard Vaughan 2nd Earl Carbery (37) and Frances Altham were married at Acton


On 14 Apr 1471 Edward IV King England (28) commanded at Barnet during the Battle of Barnet supported by George York 1st Duke Clarence (21) , Richard III King England (18) , John Babington (48) , William Hastings 1st Baron Hastings (40) (commanded), Ralph Hastings, William Norreys (30) , William Parr (37) , John Savage (49) , Thomas St Leger (31) , John Tuchet 6th Baron Audley Heighley, 3rd Baron Tuchet (45) , Thomas Burgh 1st Baron Burgh (40) and Thomas Strickland. The Yorkists William Blount, Humphrey Bourchier (40) , Humphrey Bourchier (36) and Thomas Parr were killed. The Lancastrians Richard "Kingmaker" Neville 16th Earl Warwick, 6th Earl Salisbury (43) , John Neville 1st Marquess Montagu (40) , William Fiennes 2nd Baron Saye and Sele (43) and William Tyrrell were killed. Henry Holland 3rd Duke Exeter (40) commanded the left flank, was badly wounded and left for dead, Henry Stafford and John Paston (27) were wounded, John Vere 13th Earl Oxford (28) commanded, and John Paston (29) and William Beaumont 2nd Viscount Beaumont (33) fought.

On 07 Jan 1626 Thomas Palmer (86) died at Barnet


On 23 Oct 1911 William Onslow 4th Earl Onslow (58) died at Hendon

St Mary and Christ Church

After 07 Mar 1655 William Herbert 1st Baron Powis was buried at St Mary and Christ Church

In 1736 Caroline Mordaunt was buried at St Mary and Christ Church


On 26 Jun 1722 Dorothy Molyneux died at Chiswick

On 24 Sep 1822 Charles William Cavendish was born to Henry Frederick Compton Cavendish (32) and Frances Susan Lambton at Chiswick

Chiswick Mall

On 09 Oct 1709 Barbara Villiers 1st Duchess Cleveland (68) died at Chiswick Mall

Morton House

On 30 Sep 1811 Mary Campbell (84) died at Morton House

Turnham Green

On 21 Jun 1681 Philip "Infamous Earl" Herbert 7th Earl Pembroke, 4th Earl Montgomery (29) indicted for the murder of William Smeeth at Turnham Green

On 20 Aug 1711 Richard Thornhill was murdered by two men who allegedly invoked Cholmeley Dering's name as they killed him. at Turnham Green


On 12 Nov 1685 Stephen Poyntz was born to William Poyntz (45) at Cornhill

St Andrew Undershaft

In 1329 Geoffrey Denny was born at St Andrew Undershaft

On 17 Dec 1656 Gervase Clifton (69) and Alice Hastings (50) were married at St Andrew Undershaft

St Peter's Church

On Nov 1620 George Calvert 1st Baron Baltimore (40) and Anne Mayne were married at St Peter's Church


Cranford Church

After 23 Apr 1635 Elizabeth Carey was buried at Cranford Church

After 10 Oct 1698 George Berkeley 1st Earl Berkeley was buried at Cranford Church


On 12 Dec 1607 Roger Manners (72) died at Enfield

On 25 Sep 1752 Henry Streatfield (46) and Anne Sidney were married at Enfield


Geoffrey Saye held land at Edmonton

St Andrew's Church

After 27 Jan 1443 John Tiptoft 1st Baron Tiptoft was buried at St Andrew's Church

In 1446 Joyce Charleton (42) was buried at St Andrew's Church


On 07 Jul 1755 George Edward Henry Arthur Herbert 2nd Earl Powis was born to Henry Herbert 1st Earl Powis (52) and Barbara Herbert (20) at Finchley


All Saints Church

After 05 Jun 1675 John Mordaunt 1st Viscount Mordaunt was buried at All Saints Church

After 07 Jul 1713 Henry Compton Bishop Oxford, Bishop London was buried at All Saints Church

Craven Cottage


Around 1460 Thomas Frowyk was born at Gunnersbury


On 21 Feb 1589 William Somerset 3rd Earl Worcester (63) died at Hackney

On 21 Jun 1638 Mildmay Fane 2nd Earl Westmoreland (36) and Mary Vere were married at Hackney

In 1639 Richard Child was buried at Hackney

On 02 Aug 1669 Edward Worth Bishop Killaloe (49) died at Hackney


On 26 Oct 1605 William Parker 4th Baron Monteagle, 14th Baron Marshal, 13th Baron Morley (30) received a letter warning of the Gunpowder Plot and showed it to Robert Cecil 1st Earl Salisbury (42) who then showed it to the King at Hoxton. [Gunpowder Plot]

King's Place

On 05 Dec 1593 Rowland Hayward Lord Mayor (73) died at King's Place

Newcombe's School

Around 1749 Hans Sloane-Stanley (9) educated at Newcombe's School


On 02 Jun 1603 Thomas Grimes was knighted at Hanworth

On 11 Feb 1613 Henry Killigrew was born to Robert Killigrew (33) and Mary Woodhouse at Hanworth

After 09 Feb 1802 Aubrey Beauclerk 5th Duke St Albans was buried at Hanworth


On May 1580 Anne Stanley was born to Ferdinando Stanley 5th Earl Derby (21) and Alice Spencer (30) at Harefield

On 22 Jul 1624 Mervyn Tuchet 2nd Earl Castlehaven (31) and Anne Stanley (44) were married at Harefield

On 07 Sep 1731 Daniel Pulteney (47) died in Harefield


After 11 Feb 1695 John Bennet 1st Baron Ossulston was buried at Harlington



Harrow School

Around 1672 Charles Seymour 6th Duke Somerset (9) educated at Harrow School

Around 1772 George Henry Fitzroy 4th Duke Grafton (11) educated at Harrow School

Around 1779 Robert Grosvenor 1st Marquess Westminster (11) educated at Harrow School

Around 1779 William Robert Spencer (9) educated at Harrow School

Around 1779 Alexander Hamilton 10th Duke Hamilton, 7th Duke Brandon (11) educated at Harrow School

Around 1781 Robert Brudenell 6th Earl Cardigan (11) educated at Harrow School

Around 1831 Walter William Brabazon Ponsonby 7th Earl Bessborough (9) educated at Harrow School

Christopher Neville 6th Marquess Abergavenny educated at Harrow School



On 26 Jun 1584 Robert Cholmondeley 1st Viscount Cholmondley, 1st Earl Leinster was born to Hugh "The Elder" Cholmondeley (71) and Mary Griffith at Crouchend


Hounslow Heath

On 01 Jan 1603 Matthew Browne (40) was killed in a duel with John Townshend (35) at Hounslow Heath

On 02 Aug 1603 John Townshend (35) was killed in a duel with Matthew Browne at Hounslow Heath

Osterley Park

In 1654 William Waller (57) bought at Osterley Park


In 1462 Richard Pole was born to Geoffrey Pole and Edith St John (32) at Isleworth

In 1462 Eleanor Pole was born to Geoffrey Pole and Edith St John (32) at Isleworth

On 05 Sep 1733 Philip Stanhope 4th Earl Chesterfield (38) and Petronilla Melusine Schulenburg (40) were married at Isleworth

Syon Park

Syon House

On 08 Jun 1775 Algernon Percy 1st Earl Beverley (25) and Isabella Susan Burrell 1st Countess Beverley (24) were married at Syon House.

On 28 Apr 1820 Frances Julia Burrell 2nd Duchess Northumberland (67) died at Syon House.

Little Stanmore

Cannons House

On 09 Aug 1744 James Brydges 1st Duke Chandos (71) died at Cannons House

Whitchurch Lan

Church of St Lawrence

Chandos Mausoleum

After 15 Sep 1712 Mary Lake was buried at Chandos Mausoleum

After 16 Jul 1735 Cassandra Willoughby was buried at Chandos Mausoleum

After 09 Aug 1744 James Brydges 1st Duke Chandos was buried at Chandos Mausoleum


Blackfriars Preachers

After 11 Dec 1443 John Cornwall 1st Baron Fanhope, 1st Baron Milbroke was buried at Blackfriars Preachers


Mary le Strand

After 20 Feb 1616 George Tuchet 1st Earl Castlehaven and Elizabeth Noel were married at Mary le Strand

On 18 Dec 1743 Mary Beauclerk was baptised at Mary le Strand

On 02 Sep 1745 Henry Beauclerk was baptised at Mary le Strand

On 17 Dec 1746 Charlotte Beauclerk was baptised at Mary le Strand

On 08 Jan 1748 Martha Beauclerk was baptised at Mary le Strand

On 27 Oct 1749 Anne Beauclerk was baptised at Mary le Strand


Osterley Park

On 31 May 1915 Victor Albert George Child-Villiers 7th Earl Jersey (70) died at Osterley Park

Ruislip Chapel

On 06 Oct 1272 Edmund "Almain" Cornwall 2nd Earl Cornwall (22) and Margaret Clare were married at Ruislip Chapel

St Pancras

John Webb was buried at St Pancras


On 05 Aug 1447 John Holland 2nd Duke Exeter (52) died at Stepney

On 28 Aug 1558 George Darcy 1st Baron Darcy Aston died at Stepney


On 25 Dec 1475 Elizabeth Howard (65) died at Stratford

Syon Abbey

On 23 Nov 1541 Catherine Howard Queen Consort England (18) was imprisoned at Syon Abbey

Tottenham High Cross

On 21 Oct 1670 Hugh Smithson (72) died at his home in Tottenham High Cross


On 29 Nov 1330 Roger Mortimer 1st Earl March (43) was hanged naked at Tyburn accused of assuming royal power and of various other high misdemeanours. His body hung at the gallows for two days and nights. [Execution of Roger Mortimer].

On 05 Feb 1400 Bernard Brocas (46) was beheaded at Tyburn [Epiphany Rising].

On 29 Jul 1460 Thomas Browne Lord Treasurer, Lord Chancellor (58) was beheaded at Tyburn

On 08 Jul 1486 Humphrey Stafford (60) and Thomas Stafford was executed at Tyburn. [Stafford and Lovell Rebellion]

On 23 Nov 1499 Perkin Warbreck (25) hanged at Tyburn during the Execution of Perkin Warbreck and Edward Earl of Warwick

On 03 Feb 1537 the six Fitzgeralds, nephew and five uncles, all brothers, Thomas "Silken" Fitzgerald 10th Earl Kildare (24) , James Fitzgerald (41) , Oliver Fitzgerald (41) , Richard Fitzgerald, John Fitzgerald and Walter Fitzgerald (41) were executed at Tyburn. [Execution of the Fitzgeralds]

On 02 Jun 1537 George Lumley was beheaded at Tower Hill. Francis Bigod (29) hanged at Tyburn. Robert Constable (59) was executed at Kingston upon Hull. [Pilgrimage of Grace]

On 02 Jun 1537 Thomas Percy (33) hanged, drawn and quartered. John Bulmer and Ralph Bulmer hanged. Both at Tyburn. [Bigod's Rebellion]

On 12 Jul 1537 Robert Aske (37) hanged at York. George Lumley, William Lumley and Nicholas Tempest hanged at Tyburn. Thomas Moigne hanged, drawn and quartered at Tyburn. [Bigod's Rebellion]

On 29 Jun 1541 Thomas Fiennes 9th Baron Dacre Gilsland (26) hanged at Tyburn. [Trial of Thomas Fiennes 9th Baron Dacre]

On 10 Dec 1541 Francis Dereham (28) was hanged, drawn and quartered at Tyburn. Thomas Culpepper (27) was beheaded. [Catherine Howard Tyburn Executions]

On 14 Feb 1601 Thomas Lee (50) hanged at Tyburn

On 01 Jul 1661 Henry Mildmay (68) was sentenced and degraded from his honours and titles and to be drawn every year on the anniversary of the king's sentence (27 Jan) upon a sledge through the streets to and under the gallows at Tyburn, with a rope about his neck, and so back to the Tower of London, there to remain a prisoner during his life.

On 05 May 1760 Laurence Shirley 4th Earl Ferrers (39) hanged at Tyburn (the last peer to be hanged).


In 1645 Bulstrode Whitelock (39) was appointed as Commissioner at Uxbridge during the Treaty of Uxbridge

On 11 Oct 1905 Archibald John Stuart-Wortley (56) died at Uxbridge

West Drayton

On 09 Nov 1734 Frances Pierrepoint was buried at West Drayton


On 15 Dec 1864 Algernon Frederick Greville (65) died at Hillingdon

St John the Baptist's Church


In 1633 Arthur Lake (35) died at Whitchurch