Monument to Elizabeth Sophia Heathcote-Willoughby-Drummond

Monument to Robert Bertie 1st Duke Ancaster and Kesteven

Scultped by Peter Scheemaeckers 1691-1781 and Henry Cheere 1703-1781.

Monument to Robert Bertie 3rd Earl Lindsey

Monument to Peter Burrell 21st Baron Willoughby Eresby, 1st Baron Gwydyr

Sculpted by Joseph Nollekens 1737-1823.

Monument to Peregrine Bertie 3rd Duke Ancaster and Kesteven

Monument to Robert Bertie 1st Earl Lindsey; killed at Battle of Edge Hill and his son Montagu Bertie 2nd Earl Lindsey

Monument to Gilbert Heathcote-Willoughby-Drummond 2nd Earl Ancaster

Monument to Clementina Drummond-Willoughby 24th Baron Willoughby Eresby

Monument to Richard Bertie

Monument to Gilbert Henry Heathcote-Willoughby-Drummond 1st Earl Ancaster

Monument to Charles Strathavon Heathcote-Willoughby-Drummond

Monumen to Cecilie Heathcote-Willoughby-Drummond

Monument to Gilbert James Heathcote-Willoughby-Drummond 3rd Earl Ancaster

War Memorial to the Men of Edenham

Monument to Gilbert John Heathcote 1st Baron Aveland, and Claud Heathcote-Willoughby-Drummond and his wife Florence Conyngham

Monument to Alice Heathcote-Willoughby-Drummond and Catherine Sophia Manners