William "The Younger" Valence

Early Medieval. Crossed Legs.

Half-nephew of Henry III King England. Henry's mother Isabella Angouleme Queen Consort England, wife of John "Lackland" I King England, was also the mother of William Valence's father, also, William.

Killed at the Battle of Llandeilo Fawr 17 Jun 1282

A particularly fine effigy with some remnants of its original colouring.

Hugh Segrave Lord Treasurer

Camail and Jupon Period

(Probably) The son of John 2nd Baron Segrave and Christiana Plessey. Christiana's father was Hugh Plessey.

Lord Keeper of the Great Seal and Lord Treasurer (after his predecessor Robert Hales had been killed during the Peasant's Revolt). One of a number of regents during the minority of Richard II King England


Sarah Fletcher

The sad story of Sarah Fletcher. Having waited years for her husband to return from sea she discovered him in the process of marrying another woman, bigamously, driving her to suicide. The church agreed she had 'Died a Martyr to Excessive Sensibility' allowing her to be buried in consecrated ground.

Her ghost is said to haunt their family home Courtiers House, Clifton Hampden near Oxford.