Paternal Families are family trees based on patrilineal ie male descent organised by country or region. Every member has the same Y-DNA.

Some families have Houses. For example the Plantagenets contain the Houses of York and Lancaster, as well as the illegitimate Beaufort and Somerset Houses. Illegitimacy is indicated by italics.


Oldenburg (Glücksburg, Mountbatten)


Aldeburgh Anjou (Plantagenet, Fitzroy, Lancaster, Beaufort, York, Cornwall, Longespée, Warenne) Arundell Audley Babington Badlesmere Bardolf Basset Beauchamp Bentinck (Cavendish-Bentnick, Cavendish-Scott-Bentnick) Berkeley (Fitzharding) Bertie Bigod Blount Bohun Boleyn Bonville Booth Botreaux Bourchier Brandon Braose Brooke Browne Bugge (Willoughby) Burghesh Burnell Butler (Ormond, Carter, Verdun) Camoys Capell Carey Catesby Cavendish Charleton Chaucer Cheney Clifford (Fitzpons) Clinton (Pelham-Clinton) Cobham Cockayne Constable Conyers Cromwell Culpepper Dacre Darcy Deincourt Despencer Dinham Dormer Dutton Dymoke Egerton Eure Fane Fauconberg Feilding Ferrers Fiennes Finch (Finch-Hatton) Fitzherbert Fitzhugh Fitzrichard (Fitzscrope, Scrope, Fitzosbern, Say, Fitzhugh) Foljambe Grey Greystoke Guildford Harrington Hastings Heneage Holland Holles Howard (Fitzalan, Howard-Molyneux-Howard, Stafford Howard) Hungerford Hussey Hyde Knollys Knyvet Lacy Latimer Leveson-Gower (Sutherland-Leveson-Gower, Egerton) Lisle Longford Lovell Lumley (Lumley-Sanderson, Lumley-Savile) Maltravers Manners (Manners-Sutton) Marshal (Fitzgilbert) Mohun Montagu Morley Mortimer Mortimer-Woodham (Zouche) Naper (Dutton) Neville Norreys Paget Parker Parr Paston Paulet (Powlett) Paveley Pierrepoint Pole Quincy Radclyffe Redman Redvers Rhyther Rich Ros Russell (Sackville) Sacheverell Sackville Salisbury Savage Scales Segrave Seymour (Seymour-Conway) Sidney Somery Spencer St John St Leger Stafford (Bagot) Stafford-Broomshull Stanhope Stanley Stapleton Strange Strelley Sutton (Dudley) Tailboys Talbot (Chetwynd-Talbot) Tatton (Egerton) Throckmorton Tiptoft Tuchet Tufton Tyrrell Ufford Ughtred Umfraville Valletort (Beauchamp) Vane (Powlett) Vere Vernon (Venables-Vernon, Ludlow) Villiers (Vernon) Villiers Welles Wentworth West Williams (Cromwell) Willoughby Wingfield Woodville Wray Wriothesley Zouche




Reginar (Percy)


Hanover (Vane, Fitzclarence, Schulenburg) Wettin (Saxe-Gotha, Saxe-Coburg-Altenburg, Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Windsor)




Aigle Avranches Beaumont-Roger (Newburgh) Beaumont-Sarthe Bellême Courtenay Daubigny (Mowbray) Devereux Fitzalan Gascoigne Gernon Gloucester (Fitzmiles) Grandesmil Hauteville Mandeville Montgomery (Bellême, La Marche) Mortain Normandy (Fitzrobert, Fitzroy, Clare, Clare-Fitzwalter) Percy Tosny (Acquigny , Stafford) Vesci (Fitzrichard Burgh, Fitzjohn, Fitzeustace, Fitzroger, Fitzrobert, Clavering, Lacy) Warenne


Bernicia Deira Godwinson Iclingas Mercia Northumbria Oiscingas Wessex Wuffingas


Balliol Bruce Dunkeld Stewart (Fitzalan, Fitzwalter, Scott, Montagu-Scott, Montagu-Douglas-Scott, Douglas-Montagu-Scott, Montagu Scott, Fitzroy, Fitzcharles, Beauclerk, Lennox, Traquair, Menteith)


Aberffraw Cecil Deheubarth (Rice) Dinefwr Gwynedd (Aberffraw) Herbert Mathrafal Tudor Vaughan (Sais)