Paternal Family Tree

Maternal Family Tree Cicely Baker


Son __Charles King Scotland, II King England, Scotland and Ireland


28 Sep 1663 born

01 Aug 1672 [9] married Isabella Bennett

01 Aug 1672 [9] created 1st Baron Sudbury

01 Aug 1672 [9] created 1st Viscount Ipswich

01 Aug 1672 [9] created 1st Earl Euston

1675 [12] created 1st Duke Grafton (1C 1675)

1680 [17] appointed 482th Knight Garter: Charles II

23 Apr 1685 [22] appointed at Coronation James IILord High Constable

09 Oct 1690 [27] killed at Storming of Cork


Mother: Isabella Bennett

Charles Fitzroy 2nd Duke Grafton 25 Oct 1683 [Father: 20]


Father: Charles King Scotland, II King England, Scotland and Ireland (S Charles I, Scotland and Ireland)

Grandfather: Charles I King England, Scotland and Ireland (S James VI King Scotland, I, Scotland and Ireland)

1G Grandfather: James VI King Scotland, I King England, Scotland and Ireland

2G Grandfather: Henry "Lord Darnley" Stewart

3G Grandfather: Matthew Stewart 4th Earl Lennox

3G Grandmother: Margaret Douglas

2G Grandmother: Mary "Queen of Scots" I Queen Scotland

3G Grandfather: James V King Scotland

3G Grandmother: Mary Guise Queen Consort Scotland

1G Grandmother: Anne of Denmark Unknown

Grandmother: Henrietta Maria Bourbon

1G Grandfather: Henry IV King France

2G Grandfather: Antoine King Navarre

3G Grandfather: Charles Bourbon Duke Vendôme

3G Grandmother: Françoise Valois-Alençon

2G Grandmother: Jeanne III Queen Navarre

3G Grandfather: Henry II King Navarre

3G Grandmother: Marguerite of Navarre Valois-Orleans Queen Consort Navarre

1G Grandmother: Marie Medici

Mother: Barbara Villiers 1st Duchess Cleveland

Grandfather: William Villiers 2nd Viscount Grandison

1G Grandfather: Edward Villiers

2G Grandfather: George Villiers

2G Grandmother: Audrey Saunders

1G Grandmother: Barbara St John

2G Grandfather: John St John

3G Grandfather: Nicholas St John

3G Grandmother: Elizabeth Blount

2G Grandmother: Lucy Hungerford

3G Grandfather: Walter Hungerford

Grandmother: Mary Bayning

1G Grandfather: Paul 1st Viscount Bayning

1G Grandmother: Anne Glemham

2G Grandfather: Henry Glemham

2G Grandmother: Anne Sackville

3G Grandfather: Thomas Sackville 1st Earl Dorset

3G Grandmother: Cicely Baker