Paternal Family Tree


Great Grandson __Henry VII King England and Ireland


07 Dec 1545 born

04 Sep 1571 [26] succeeded 5th Earl Lennox

1574 [29] married Elizabeth Cavendish

1576 [31] died


Mother: Elizabeth Cavendish

Arbella Stewart 1575 [Father: 29] [Mother: 19]


Father: Matthew Stewart 4th Earl Lennox

Grandfather: John Stewart 3rd Earl Lennox

1G Grandfather: Matthew Stewart 2nd Earl Lennox

2G Grandfather: John Stewart 1st Earl Lennox

3G Grandfather: Alan Stewart

3G Grandmother: Catherine Seton

2G Grandmother: Margaret Montgomerie

1G Grandmother: Elizabeth Hamilton

2G Grandfather: James 1st Lord Hamilton

2G Grandmother: Mary Stewart

3G Grandfather: James II King Scotland

3G Grandmother: Mary Egmont Queen Consort Scotland

Grandmother: Isabel or Elizabeth Stewart

1G Grandfather: John Stewart 1st Earl Atholl

2G Grandfather: James "Black Knight of Lorn" Stewart

3G Grandfather: John Stewart

3G Grandmother: Isabel Macdougall

2G Grandmother: Joan Beaufort Queen Consort Scotland

3G Grandfather: John Beaufort 1st Marquess Dorset, 1st Marquess Somerset

3G Grandmother: Margaret Holland

1G Grandmother: Eleanor Sinclair

Mother: Margaret Douglas

Grandfather: Archibald Douglas 6th Earl Angus

1G Grandfather: George Douglas

2G Grandfather: Archibald "Bell the Cat" Douglas 5th Earl Angus

3G Grandfather: George Douglas 4th Earl Angus

3G Grandmother: Isabella Sibbald

2G Grandmother: Elizabeth Boyd

3G Grandfather: Robert 1st Lord Boyd

1G Grandmother: Elizabeth Drummond

Grandmother: Margaret Tudor Queen Consort Scotland

1G Grandfather: Henry VII King England and Ireland

2G Grandfather: Edmund Tudor 1st Earl Richmond

3G Grandfather: Owen Tudor

3G Grandmother: Catherine Valois Queen Consort England

2G Grandmother: Margaret Beaufort 1st Countess Richmond, 1st Countess Derby

3G Grandfather: John Beaufort 1st Duke Somerset

3G Grandmother: Margaret Beauchamp

1G Grandmother: Elizabeth of York Queen Consort England

2G Grandfather: Edward IV King England

3G Grandfather: Richard 3rd Duke York

3G Grandmother: Cecily "Rose of Raby" Neville

2G Grandmother: Elizabeth Woodville Queen Consort England

3G Grandfather: Richard Woodville 1st Earl Rivers

3G Grandmother: Jacquetta Luxembourg