Paternal Family Tree: COURTENAY


In 1813 Reginald Courtenay Bishop was born to Thomas Peregrine Courtenay (30) and Anne Wynell-Mayow

Around 1825 Reginald Courtenay Bishop (12) educated at Tonbridge School

Around 1828 Reginald Courtenay Bishop (15) educated at Hertford College

In 1842 Reginald Courtenay Bishop (29) was appointed as Rector at Thornton Watlass

In 1853 Reginald Courtenay Bishop (40) was appointed as Archdeacon Middlesex at Middlesex

In 1856 Reginald Courtenay Bishop (43) was appointed as Bishop of Kingston

In 1906 Reginald Courtenay Bishop (93) died


Father: Thomas Peregrine Courtenay

GrandFather: Reginald Courtenay Bishop Bristol, Bishop Exeter

1G GrandFather: Henry Reginald Courtenay

2G GrandFather: William Courtenay 6th Earl Devon

3G GrandFather: Francis Courtenay

4G GrandFather: William Courtenay 5th Earl Devon

4G GrandMother: Margaret Waller

3G GrandMother: Mary Boevey

4G GrandFather: William Boevey

2G GrandMother: Anne Bertie

3G GrandFather: James Bertie 1st Earl Abingdon

4G GrandFather: Montagu Bertie 2nd Earl Lindsey

4G GrandMother: Bridget Wray 4th Baroness Norreys Rycote

1G GrandMother: Catherine Bathurst

2G GrandFather: Allen Bathurst 1st Earl Bathurst Sussex

3G GrandFather: Benjamin Bathurst

3G GrandMother: Frances Apsley

4G GrandFather: Allen Apsley

2G GrandMother: Catherine Apsley

3G GrandFather: Peter Apsley

4G GrandFather: Allen Apsley

GrandMother: Elizabeth Howard

1G GrandFather: Thomas Howard 2nd Earl Effingham

2G GrandFather: Francis Howard 1st Earl Effingham

3G GrandFather: Francis Howard 5th Baron Howard

4G GrandFather: Charles Howard

4G GrandMother: Frances Courthope

3G GrandMother: Philadelphia Pelham

4G GrandFather: Thomas Pelham

1G GrandMother: Elizabeth Beckford

2G GrandFather: Peter Beckford

3G GrandFather: Peter Beckford

Mother: Anne Wynell-Mayow

GrandFather: Mayow Wynell-Mayow