Paternal Family Tree

Maternal Family Tree Aoife Ní Diarmait Unknown


2Great Grandson Henry of Winchester III King England


1343 born

23 Apr 1376 [33] appointed 59th Knight Garter: Edward III

1397 [54] created 1st Earl Worcester (2C 1397)

13 Oct 1399 [56] carried the Steward's baton at Coronation of Henry IV at Westminster Abbey

21 Jul 1403 [60] captured at Battle of Shrewsbury: Rebels at Battlefield (Shrewsbury)

22 Jul 1403 [60] beheaded at Battle of Shrewsbury: Rebels

buried at St Peter's



Father: Henry 3rd Baron Percy (6G GS John I)

Grandfather: Henry 2nd Baron Percy (5G GS John I)

1G Grandfather: Henry 1st Baron Percy

2G Grandfather: Henry Percy

3G Grandfather: William Percy

2G Grandmother: Eleanor Warenne

3G Grandfather: John Warenne 6th Earl Surrey

3G Grandmother: Alice Lusignan

1G Grandmother: Eleanor Fitzalan (4G GD John I)

2G Grandfather: Richard Fitzalan 8th Earl Arundel (3G GS John I)

3G Grandfather: John Fitzalan 7th Earl Arundel

3G Grandmother: Isabella Mortimer (2G GD John I)

2G Grandmother: Alice Saluzzo

Grandmother: Idonia Clifford (6G GD Henry I)

1G Grandfather: Robert 1st Baron Clifford

2G Grandfather: Roger Clifford

3G Grandfather: Roger Clifford

3G Grandmother: Hawise Botreaux

2G Grandmother: Isabella Vipont

3G Grandfather: Robert Vipont Lord Westmoreland

3G Grandmother: Isabel Fitzjohn

1G Grandmother: Maud Clare (5G GD Henry I)

2G Grandfather: Thomas Clare (4G GS Henry I)

3G Grandfather: Richard Clare 5th Earl Hertford, 6th Earl Gloucester (3G GS Henry I)

3G Grandmother: Maud Lacy (4G GD Henry I)

2G Grandmother: Julia Fitzgerald

Mother: Mary Plantagenet (1G GD Henry III)

Grandfather: Henry Plantagenet 3rd Earl Leicester, 3rd Earl Lancaster (GS Henry III)

1G Grandfather: Edmund Crouchback Plantagenet 1st Earl Leicester, 1st Earl Lancaster (S Henry III)

2G Grandfather: Henry of Winchester III King England (S John I)

3G Grandfather: John "Lackland" I King England (S Henry II)

3G Grandmother: Isabella Angouleme Queen Consort England

2G Grandmother: Eleanor of Provence Queen Consort England

3G Grandfather: Raymond Berenguer IV Count Provence

3G Grandmother: Beatrice Savoy

1G Grandmother: Blanche Capet (2G GD Henry II)

2G Grandfather: Robert Capet (1G GS Henry II)

3G Grandfather: Louis "Lion" VIII King France (3G GS William I)

3G Grandmother: Blanche Ivrea Queen Consort France (GD Henry II)

2G Grandmother: Matilda Reginar (2G GD Stephen I)

3G Grandfather: Henry Reginar II Duke Brabant (1G GS Stephen I)

3G Grandmother: Marie Swabia

Grandmother: Maud Chaworth

1G Grandfather: Patrick Chaworth

2G Grandfather: Patrick Chaworth

1G Grandmother: Isabella Beauchamp

2G Grandfather: William Beauchamp 9th Earl Warwick

3G Grandfather: William Beauchamp

3G Grandmother: Isabel Maudit

2G Grandmother: Maud Fitzjohn

3G Grandfather: John Fitzpeter

3G Grandmother: Isabel Bigod