Paternal Family Tree: Blois


3G Grandson Louis "Overseas" IV King West Francia

5G Grandson Edward "Elder" King Anglo-Saxons


c 1045 born to Theobald Blois III Count Blois 1012-1089 and Gersenda Maine

1089 [44] succeeded II Count Blois

1080 [35] married at Chartres Adela Normandy

19 May 1102 [57] died


Mother: Adela Normandy (D William I) [Third Cousin (Common Ancestors: Conan "Crooked" Penthièvre III Duke Brittany and Ermengarde-Gerberga Ingelger)]

William Simple Blois Count Blois Count Chartres 1085-1150 [Father: 40] [Mother: 18]

Theobald Blois II Count Champagne IV Count Blois 1090-1152 [Father: 45] [Mother: 23]

Odo Blois

Stephen I King England 1094-1154 [Father: 49] [Mother: 27]

Lucia-Mahaut Blois -1120

Agnes Blois

Eleanor Blois -1147

Alix Blois 1100-1145 [Father: 55] [Mother: 33]

Adelaide Blois

Henry Blois Bishop Winchester 1098-1171 [Father: 53] [Mother: 31]

Humbert Blois


Father: Theobald Blois III Count Blois

GrandFather: Odo Blois II Count Blois

2G GrandFather: Odo Blois I Count Blois

3G GrandFather: Theobald "Trickster" Blois I Count Blois

4G GrandFather: Theobald "Elder" Blois

3G GrandMother: Luitgarde Vermandois

4G GrandFather: Herbert Vermandois II Count Vermandois, II Count Soissons, II Count Meaux

4G GrandMother: Adela Capet

2G GrandMother: Bertha Welf

3G GrandFather: Conrad I King Burgundy

4G GrandFather: Rudolph "Pious" II King Burgundy, II King Italy

4G GrandMother: Bertha Swabia

3G GrandMother: Mathilde Carolingian

4G GrandFather: Louis "Overseas" IV King West Francia

4G GrandMother: Gerberga Saxon-ottonian

GrandMother: Ermengarde Auvernge

Mother: Gersenda Maine

GrandFather: Herbert "Wakedog" Maine I Count Maine

2G GrandFather: Hugh Maine III Count Maine

3G GrandFather: Hugh Maine II Count Maine

4G GrandFather: Hugh Maine I Count Maine

4G GrandMother: Rorgonide Unknown

2G GrandMother: Unamed Penthièvre

3G GrandFather: Conan "Crooked" Penthièvre III Duke Brittany

4G GrandFather: Judicael Berengar Penthièvre I Count Rennes

3G GrandMother: Ermengarde-Gerberga Ingelger

4G GrandFather: Geoffrey "Greygown" Ingelger 1st Count Anjou

4G GrandMother: Adele Vermandois