Paternal Family Tree: Blois

Maternal Family Tree: Dangereuse Île-bouchard 1079-1151


2G Grandson William "Conqueror" I King England

Grandson Louis VII King Franks

8G Grandson Edward "Elder" King Anglo-Saxons


1172 born to Theobald Good Blois V Count Blois 1130-1191 and Alix Capet 1150-1197

succeeded I Count Blois

married Catherine Unknown Count Clermont-en-Beauvais

14 Apr 1205 [33] died


Mother: Catherine Unknown Count Clermont-en-Beauvais

Raoul Blois

Jeanne Blois

Theobald Blois VI Count Blois -1218


Father: Theobald "Good" Blois V Count Blois (1G GS William I)

GrandFather: Theobald Blois II Count Champagne, IV Count Blois (GS William I)

2G GrandFather: Stephen Blois II Count Blois

3G GrandFather: Theobald Blois III Count Blois

4G GrandFather: Odo Blois II Count Blois

4G GrandMother: Ermengarde Auvernge

3G GrandMother: Gersenda Maine

4G GrandFather: Herbert "Wakedog" Maine I Count Maine

2G GrandMother: Adela Normandy (D William I)

3G GrandFather: William "Conqueror" I King England ()

4G GrandFather: Robert "Magnificent" Normandy I Duke Normandy

4G GrandMother: Herleva Unknown

3G GrandMother: Matilda Flanders Queen Consort England

4G GrandFather: Baldwin "The Good" Flanders VI Count Flanders

4G GrandMother: Adela Capet

GrandMother: Matilda Carinthia

Mother: Alix Capet

GrandFather: Louis VII King Franks

2G GrandFather: Louis "Fat" VI King France

3G GrandFather: Philip "Amorous" I King France

4G GrandFather: Henry I King France

4G GrandMother: Anne Rurik

3G GrandMother: Bertha Countholland

4G GrandFather: Floris Countholland I Count Holland

4G GrandMother: Gertrude Billung

2G GrandMother: Adelaide Savoy

3G GrandFather: Humbert "Fat" Savoy II Count Savoy

3G GrandMother: Gisela Ivrea

4G GrandFather: William Ivrea I Count Burgundy

4G GrandMother: Ettiennette Unknown

GrandMother: Eleanor of Aquitaine Poitiers Queen Consort France, Queen Consort England

2G GrandFather: William "Saint" Poitiers X Duke Aquitaine

3G GrandFather: William "Troubadour" Poitiers IX Duke Aquitaine

4G GrandFather: [Guy] William Poitiers VIII Duke Aquitaine

4G GrandMother: Hildegarde Burgundy

3G GrandMother: Philippa Rouerge

4G GrandFather: William Rouerge Duke Narbonne

4G GrandMother: Emma Mortain

2G GrandMother: Aenor Châtellerault

3G GrandFather: Aimery Châtellerault Viscount Châtellerault

3G GrandMother: Dangereuse Île-bouchard

4G GrandFather: Bartholomew Île-bouchard