Paternal Family Tree


Son __Edward "Longshanks" I King England


05 Aug 1301 born at Woodstock Palace

1321 [20] created 1st Earl Kent (5C 1321)

1325 [24] married Margaret 3rd Baroness Wake Liddell

19 Mar 1330 [29] beheaded at Winchester Castle by a convicted latrine cleaner who was also facing the death penalty; no-one else would undertake the task.

buried at Westminster Abbey


Mother: Margaret 3rd Baroness Wake Liddell

Half Second Cousin Twice Removed (Common Ancestor: John "Lackland" I King England)

Edmund Plantagenet 2nd Earl Kent 1326 [Father: 24] [Mother: 26]

Margaret Plantagenet 1327 [Father: 25] [Mother: 27]

Joan "Fair Maid of Kent" Plantagenet Princess Wales 29 Sep 1328 [Father: 27] [Mother: 28]

John Plantagenet 3rd Earl Kent 07 Apr 1330 [Father: 28] [Mother: 30]


Father: Edward "Longshanks" I King England (S Henry III)

Grandfather: Henry of Winchester III King England (S John I)

1G Grandfather: John "Lackland" I King England (S Henry II)

2G Grandfather: Henry "Curtmantle" II King England (GS Henry I)

3G Grandfather: Geoffrey Plantagenet Duke Normandy

3G Grandmother: Matilda Normandy

2G Grandmother: Eleanor of Aquitaine Queen Consort France, Queen Consort England

3G Grandfather: William "Saint" X Duke Aquitaine

3G Grandmother: Aenor Châtellerault

1G Grandmother: Isabella Angouleme Queen Consort England

2G Grandfather: Aymer Angouleme I Count Angoulême

3G Grandfather: William "Taillefer" Angouleme VI Count Angoulême

2G Grandmother: Alice Courtenay

3G Grandfather: Peter Courtenay

3G Grandmother: Elizabeth Unknown

Grandmother: Eleanor of Provence Queen Consort England

1G Grandfather: Raymond Berenguer IV Count Provence

2G Grandfather: Alfonso Barcelona II Count Provence

3G Grandfather: Alfonso II King Aragon

3G Grandmother: Sancha Ivrea

2G Grandmother: Gersenda II Sabran

1G Grandmother: Beatrice Savoy

2G Grandfather: Thomas I Count Savoy

3G Grandfather: Humbert III Count Savoy

3G Grandmother: Beatrice Mâcon

2G Grandmother: Margaret Geneva

Mother: Margaret Capet

Grandfather: Philip "Bold" III King France

1G Grandfather: Louis IX King France

2G Grandfather: Louis "Lion" VIII King France

3G Grandfather: Philip Augustus II King France

3G Grandmother: Isabelle Flanders

2G Grandmother: Blanche Ivrea Queen Consort France

3G Grandfather: Alfonso VIII King Castile

3G Grandmother: Eleanor Plantagenet Queen Castile

1G Grandmother: Margaret Provence Queen Consort France

2G Grandfather: Raymond Berenguer IV Count Provence

3G Grandfather: Alfonso Barcelona II Count Provence

3G Grandmother: Gersenda II Sabran

2G Grandmother: Beatrice Savoy

3G Grandfather: Thomas I Count Savoy

3G Grandmother: Margaret Geneva

Grandmother: Maria Reginar

1G Grandfather: Henry Reginar III Duke Brabant

2G Grandfather: Henry Reginar II Duke Brabant

3G Grandfather: Henry Reginar Godfrey VIII Duke Lower Lorraine, I Duke Brabant

3G Grandmother: Maud Metz

2G Grandmother: Marie Swabia

3G Grandfather: Philip Swabia

1G Grandmother: Adelaide Burgundy

2G Grandfather: Hugh IV Duke Burgundy

3G Grandfather: Odo III Duke Burgundy

3G Grandmother: Alice Vergy

2G Grandmother: Yolande Capet

3G Grandfather: Robert Capet III Count Dreux

3G Grandmother: Alianore St Valery