Paternal Family Tree


In 1161 Baldwin IV King Jerusalem was born to Almaric I King Jerusalem (25) and Agnes Courtenay (25) at Jerusalem

On Aug 1186 Baldwin IV King Jerusalem (25) died at Jerusalem

Around Aug 1186 Baldwin IV King Jerusalem (25) was buried at Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Baldwin IV King Jerusalem succeeded IV King Jerusalem


Father: Almaric I King Jerusalem

GrandFather: Fulk "Young" King Jerusalem

2G GrandFather: Fulk "Réchin" Anjou 4th Count Anjou

3G GrandFather: Geoffrey "Ferréol" Anjou 2nd Count Gâtinais

4G GrandFather: Hugh Anjou

4G GrandMother: Béatrice Unknown

5G GrandFather: Albéric Unknown II Count Mâcon

3G GrandMother: Ermengarde-Blanche Ingelger

4G GrandFather: Fulk "Black" Ingelger III Count Anjou

5G GrandFather: Geoffrey "Greygown" Ingelger 1st Count Anjou

5G GrandMother: Adele Vermandois

4G GrandMother: Hildegarde Sundgau

2G GrandMother: Bertrade Montfort

3G GrandFather: Simon Montfort

4G GrandFather: Aumary Reginarids

5G GrandFather: William Reginarids

4G GrandMother: Bertrade Unknown

3G GrandMother: Agnes Normandy

4G GrandFather: Richard Normandy 2nd Count Évreux

5G GrandFather: Robert Normandy Archbishop Rouen

5G GrandMother: Herleva Unknown

4G GrandMother: Godechildis Unknown

GrandMother: Melisende Unknown

Mother: Agnes Courtenay

GrandFather: Joscelin Courtenay II Count Edessa

2G GrandFather: Joscelin Courtenay I Count Edessa

3G GrandFather: Joscelin Courtenay

3G GrandMother: Elisabeth Montlhéry

2G GrandMother: Beatrice Unknown

3G GrandFather: Constantine I Unknown