In 1525 Thomas Wentworth 2nd Baron Wentworth was born to Thomas Wentworth 1st Baron Wentworth and Margaret Fortescue

Around 1535 Thomas Wentworth 2nd Baron Wentworth educated at St John's College

On 10 Sep 1547 Thomas Wentworth 2nd Baron Wentworth fought at Musselburgh during the Battle of Pinkie Cleugh: England

On 03 Mar 1551 Thomas Wentworth 2nd Baron Wentworth succeeded 2nd Baron Wentworth

On 13 Jan 1584 Thomas Wentworth 2nd Baron Wentworth died

William Wentworth was born to Thomas Wentworth 2nd Baron Wentworth


Father: Thomas Wentworth 1st Baron Wentworth

GrandFather: Richard Wentworth 6th Baron Despencer

2G GrandFather: Henry Wentworth 5th Baron Despencer

3G GrandFather: Philip Wentworth 4th Baron Despencer

4G GrandFather: Roger Wentworth

5G GrandFather: John Wentworth

5G GrandMother: Agnes Dronsfield

4G GrandMother: Margery Despencer 3rd Baron Despencer

5G GrandFather: Philip Despencer 2nd Baron Despencer

5G GrandMother: Elizabeth Tiptoft

3G GrandMother: Mary Clifford

4G GrandFather: John Clifford 7th Baron Clifford

5G GrandFather: Thomas Clifford 6th Baron Clifford

5G GrandMother: Elizabeth Ros

4G GrandMother: Elizabeth Percy

5G GrandFather: Henry Percy

5G GrandMother: Elizabeth Mortimer

2G GrandMother: Anne Saye

3G GrandFather: John Saye

4G GrandFather: John Saye

5G GrandFather: John Saye

5G GrandMother: Elizabeth Boteler

3G GrandMother: Elizabeth Cheney

4G GrandFather: Lawrence Cheney

5G GrandFather: William Cheney

4G GrandMother: Elizabeth Cockayne

5G GrandFather: John Cockayne Chief Baron

5G GrandMother: Ida Grey

GrandMother: Anne Tyrrell

2G GrandFather: James Tyrrell

3G GrandFather: William Tyrrell

4G GrandFather: John Tyrrell

5G GrandFather: Walter Tyrrell

5G GrandMother: Eleanor Flambard

3G GrandMother: Margaret Darcy

2G GrandMother: Anne Arundell

3G GrandFather: John Arundell

4G GrandFather: John Arundell

5G GrandFather: John Arundell

5G GrandMother: Eleanor Aka Annorah Lambourne

4G GrandMother: Margaret Burghesh

5G GrandFather: John Burghesh

5G GrandMother: Ismania Hanham

3G GrandMother: Elizabeth Morley

4G GrandFather: Thomas Morley 6th Baron Marshal, 5th Baron Morley

5G GrandFather: Robert Morley

5G GrandMother: Isabel Molines

4G GrandMother: Isabel Pole

5G GrandFather: Michael Pole 2nd Earl Suffolk

5G GrandMother: Katherine Stafford

Mother: Margaret Fortescue