Before Jul 1384 Thomas Ughtred 4th Baron Ughtred was born to William Ughtred 3rd Baron Ughtred

Before 19 Sep 1398 William Ughtred 3rd Baron Ughtred died

On 18 Nov 1401 William Ughtred 3rd Baron Ughtred succeeded 3rd Baron Ughtred

William Ughtred 3rd Baron Ughtred was born to Thomas Ughtred 2nd Baron Ughtred and Catherine Mauley


Father: Thomas Ughtred 2nd Baron Ughtred

GrandFather: Thomas Ughtred 1st Baron Ughtred

GrandMother: Margaret Burden

Mother: Catherine Mauley

GrandFather: Piers Mauley

2G GrandFather: Piers Iv Mauley

3G GrandFather: Piers Iii Mauley

4G GrandFather: Piers Mauley

5G GrandFather: Piers Mauley

4G GrandMother: Joan Bruce

5G GrandFather: Peter Bruce

5G GrandMother: Hawise Lancaster

3G GrandMother: Nicola Gaunt

4G GrandFather: Gilbert Gaunt

2G GrandMother: Eleanor Furnival

3G GrandFather: Thomas Furnival 1st Baron Furnivall

4G GrandFather: Thomas Furnival

5G GrandFather: Thomas Furnival

3G GrandMother: Joan Despencer

4G GrandFather: Hugh Despencer 1st Baron Despencer

5G GrandFather: Hugh Despencer

5G GrandMother: Aliva Quincy

4G GrandMother: Aline Bassett

GrandMother: Margaret Clifford

2G GrandFather: Robert Clifford 1st Baron Clifford

3G GrandFather: Roger Clifford

4G GrandFather: Roger Clifford

5G GrandFather: Roger Clifford

5G GrandMother: Sybil Ewyas

4G GrandMother: Hawise Botreaux

5G GrandFather: John Botreaux

5G GrandMother: Hawise Newmarche

3G GrandMother: Isabella Vipont

4G GrandFather: Robert Vipont

4G GrandMother: Isabel Fitzjohn

5G GrandFather: John Fitzpeter

5G GrandMother: Isabel Bigod

2G GrandMother: Maud Clare

3G GrandFather: Thomas Clare

4G GrandFather: Richard Clare 5th Earl Hertford, 6th Earl Gloucester

5G GrandFather: Gilbert Clare 4th Earl Hertford, 5th Earl Gloucester

5G GrandMother: Isabel Marshal

4G GrandMother: Maud Lacy

5G GrandFather: John Lacy 7th Baron Lacy, 8th Baron Halton, 8th Baron Bowland

5G GrandMother: Margaret Quincy 2nd Earl Lincoln

3G GrandMother: Juliana Fitzgerald

4G GrandFather: Maurice Fitzgerald

5G GrandFather: Maurice Fitzgerald

5G GrandMother: Juliana Grenville

4G GrandMother: Emmeline Longespée

5G GrandFather: Stephen Longespée

5G GrandMother: Emmeline Riddlesford