Paternal Family Tree: Stanley


c 1350 born at Newton to William Stanley 1319-1398 and Alice Massey 1329-

1385 [35] married Isabel Lathom

1386 [36] appointed Lieutenant Ireland

21 Jul 1403 [53] wounded in the throat at Battle of Shrewsbury: Crown at Battlefield

c 1404 [54] appointed 109th Knight Garter: Henry IV

1413 [63] appointed Lieutenant Ireland

06 Jun 1414 [64] died at Ardee

buried at Burscough Priory


Mother: Isabel Lathom

John Stanley 1386-1437 [Father: 36] [Mother: 22]

Henry Stanley

Thomas Stanley 1392-1463 [Father: 42] [Mother: 28]

Ralph Stanley


Father: William Stanley

GrandFather: John Stanley

2G GrandFather: William Stanley

3G GrandFather: Walter Stanley

4G GrandFather: William Stanley

GrandMother: Mabel Hawkset

Mother: Alice Massey