Paternal Family Tree


4Great Grandson __Henry VII King England and Ireland


19 Jan 1628 born

15 Oct 1651 [23] succeeded 8th Earl Derby (3C 1485)

1666 [38] appointed Mayor of Liverpool

married Dorothea Helena Kirkoven

21 Dec 1672 [44] died


Mother: Dorothea Helena Kirkoven

Charlotte Stanley

William Stanley 9th Earl Derby c 1655 [Father: 26]

James Stanley 10th Earl Derby 03 Jul 1664 [Father: 36]


Father: James Stanley 7th Earl Derby

Grandfather: William Stanley 6th Earl Derby

1G Grandfather: Henry Stanley 4th Earl Derby

2G Grandfather: Edward Stanley 3rd Earl Derby

3G Grandfather: Thomas Stanley 2nd Earl Derby

3G Grandmother: Anne Hastings

2G Grandmother: Dorothy Howard

3G Grandfather: Thomas Howard 2nd Duke Norfolk

3G Grandmother: Agnes Tilney 2nd Duchess Norfolk

1G Grandmother: Margaret Clifford

2G Grandfather: Henry Clifford 2nd Earl Cumberland

3G Grandfather: Henry Clifford 1st Earl Cumberland

3G Grandmother: Margaret Percy

2G Grandmother: Eleanor Brandon

3G Grandfather: Charles Brandon 1st Duke Suffolk

3G Grandmother: Mary Tudor Queen Consort France

Grandmother: Elizabeth Vere Lady Mann

1G Grandfather: Edward Vere 17th Earl Oxford

2G Grandfather: John Vere 16th Earl Oxford

3G Grandfather: John Vere 15th Earl Oxford

3G Grandmother: Elizabeth Trussell

2G Grandmother: Margery Golding

1G Grandmother: Anne Cecil

2G Grandfather: William Cecil 1st Baron Burghley

3G Grandfather: Richard Cecil

3G Grandmother: Jane Heckington

2G Grandmother: Mildred Cooke

3G Grandfather: Anthony Cooke

3G Grandmother: Anne Fitzwilliam

Mother: Charlotte Thouars

Grandfather: Duke Thouars