Paternal Family Tree


Around 1368 Thomas Stafford Earl Stafford was born to Hugh Stafford 2nd Earl Stafford (32) and Philippa Beauchamp (34)

On 16 Oct 1386 Thomas Stafford Earl Stafford (18) succeeded his father as 3rd Earl Stafford (1C 1351), 4th Baron Stafford (1C 1299)

Around 1390 Thomas Stafford Earl Stafford (22) and Anne "Gloucester" Plantagenet (7) were married

On 04 Jul 1392 Thomas Stafford Earl Stafford (24) died at Westminster


Father: Hugh Stafford 2nd Earl Stafford

GrandFather: Ralph Stafford 1st Earl Stafford

2G GrandFather: Edmund Stafford 1st Baron Stafford

3G GrandFather: Nicholas Stafford

4G GrandFather: Robert Stafford

5G GrandFather: Hervey Stafford

5G GrandMother: Petronill Ferrers Stafford

4G GrandMother: Alice Corbet

3G GrandMother: Eleanor Clinton

2G GrandMother: Margaret Basset

3G GrandFather: Ralph Basset 1st Baron Basset Drayton

4G GrandFather: Ralph Basset 1st Baron Basset Drayton

5G GrandFather: Ralph Basset

4G GrandMother: Margaret Somery

5G GrandFather: Roger Somery 2nd Baron Dudley

5G GrandMother: Nicole Daubigny

GrandMother: Margaret Audley 2nd Baron Audley Stratton Audley

2G GrandFather: Hugh Audley 1st Earl Gloucester

3G GrandFather: Hugh Audley 1st Baron Audley Stratton Audley

4G GrandFather: James Audley

5G GrandFather: Henry Audley

5G GrandMother: Bertrade Mainwaring

4G GrandMother: Ela Longespée

5G GrandFather: William Longespée

5G GrandMother: Idoine Camville

3G GrandMother: Isolde Mortimer

4G GrandFather: Edmund Mortimer 2nd Baron Mortimer Wigmore

5G GrandFather: Roger Mortimer 1st Baron Mortimer Wigmore

5G GrandMother: Maud Braose

4G GrandMother: Margaret Fiennes

5G GrandFather: William Fiennes

5G GrandMother: Blanche Beaumont

2G GrandMother: Margaret Clare

3G GrandFather: Gilbert "Red Earl" Clare 7th Earl Gloucester, Earl Hertford

4G GrandFather: Richard Clare 6th Earl Gloucester, Earl Hertford

5G GrandFather: Gilbert Clare 5th Earl Gloucester, Earl Hertford

5G GrandMother: Isabel Marshal

4G GrandMother: Maud Lacy

5G GrandFather: John Lacy 8th Baron Bowland, Baron Halton, Baron Lacy

5G GrandMother: Margaret Quincy 2nd Earl Lincoln

3G GrandMother: Joan Plantagenet

4G GrandFather: Edward "Longshanks" I King England

5G GrandFather: Henry III King England

5G GrandMother: Eleanor Provence Queen Consort England

4G GrandMother: Eleanor of Castile Queen Consort England

5G GrandFather: Ferdinand III King Castile, III King Leon

5G GrandMother: Joan Dammartin Count Ponthieu

Mother: Philippa Beauchamp

GrandFather: Thomas Beauchamp 11th Earl Warwick

2G GrandFather: Guy Beauchamp 10th Earl Warwick

3G GrandFather: William Beauchamp 9th Earl Warwick

4G GrandFather: William Beauchamp

5G GrandFather: Walter Beauchamp

5G GrandMother: Joan Mortimer

4G GrandMother: Isabel Maudit

5G GrandFather: William Maudit

5G GrandMother: Alice Beaumont-Roger

3G GrandMother: Maud Fitzjohn

4G GrandFather: John Fitzpeter

5G GrandFather: Geoffrey Fitzpeter 1st Earl Essex

5G GrandMother: Aveline Clare

4G GrandMother: Isabel Bigod

5G GrandFather: Hugh Bigod 3rd Earl Norfolk

5G GrandMother: Maud Marshal

2G GrandMother: Alice Tosny

3G GrandFather: Roger Tosny

4G GrandFather: Ralph Tosny VI Lord Flamstead

5G GrandFather: Roger Tosny IV Lord Flamstead

5G GrandMother: Constance Beaumont-Sarthe

4G GrandMother: Petronilla Lacy

5G GrandFather: Walter Lacy Lord Meath

5G GrandMother: Margaret Braose

3G GrandMother: Alice Bohun

4G GrandFather: Humphrey Bohun 2nd Earl Hereford, 1st Earl Essex

5G GrandFather: Henry Bohun 1st Earl Hereford

5G GrandMother: Maud Mandeville

4G GrandMother: Matilda Lusignan

5G GrandFather: Raoul Lusignan

5G GrandMother: Alix Eu

GrandMother: Katherine Mortimer

2G GrandFather: Roger Mortimer 1st Earl March

3G GrandFather: Edmund Mortimer 2nd Baron Mortimer Wigmore

4G GrandFather: Roger Mortimer 1st Baron Mortimer Wigmore

5G GrandFather: Ralph Mortimer

5G GrandMother: Gwladus verch Llewelyn "Dark Eyed" Aberffraw

4G GrandMother: Maud Braose

5G GrandFather: William Braose

5G GrandMother: Eva Marshal

3G GrandMother: Margaret Fiennes

4G GrandFather: William Fiennes

5G GrandFather: Enguerrand Ingleram Fiennes

5G GrandMother: Isabel Provence

4G GrandMother: Blanche Beaumont

5G GrandFather: John Beaumont

5G GrandMother: Jeanne Châteaudun

2G GrandMother: Joan Geneville Baron Geneville

3G GrandFather: Piers Geneville

4G GrandFather: Geoffrey Geneville 1st Baron Geneville

4G GrandMother: Maud Lacy

5G GrandFather: Gilbert Lacy

5G GrandMother: Isabel Bigod

3G GrandMother: Jeanne Lusignan

4G GrandFather: Hugh Lusignan XII Count Lusignan, Count La Marche, Count Angoulême

5G GrandFather: Hugh Lusignan XI Count Lusignan, Count La Marche, II Count Angoulême

5G GrandMother: Yolande Capet

4G GrandMother: Jeanne Fougères

5G GrandFather: Raoul Fougères