On 14 Nov 1691 Henry Shirley 3rd Earl Ferrers was born to Robert Shirley 1st Earl Ferrers and Elizabeth Washington

On 14 Apr 1729 Henry Shirley 3rd Earl Ferrers succeeded 3rd Earl Ferrers

In 1731 Henry Shirley 3rd Earl Ferrers was appointed as Custos Rotulorum Staffordshire

On 06 Aug 1745 Henry Shirley 3rd Earl Ferrers died at Kensington Gore


Father: Robert Shirley 1st Earl Ferrers

GrandFather: Robert Shirley 4th Baronet

2G GrandFather: Henry Shirley 2nd Baronet

3G GrandFather: George Shirley 1st Baronet

4G GrandFather: John Shirley

5G GrandFather: Francis Shirley

5G GrandMother: Dorothy Giffard

3G GrandMother: Frances Berkeley

4G GrandFather: Henry Berkeley 7th Baron Berkeley

5G GrandFather: Thomas Berkeley 6th Baron Berkeley

5G GrandMother: Anne Savage

4G GrandMother: Katherine Howard

5G GrandFather: Henry Howard

5G GrandMother: Frances Vere

2G GrandMother: Dorothy Devereux

3G GrandFather: Robert Devereux 2nd Earl Essex

4G GrandFather: Walter Devereux 1st Earl Essex

5G GrandFather: Richard Devereux

5G GrandMother: Dorothy Hastings

4G GrandMother: Lettice Knollys

5G GrandFather: Francis Knollys

5G GrandMother: Catherine Carey

3G GrandMother: Frances Walsingham

4G GrandFather: Francis Walsingham

5G GrandFather: William Walsingham

5G GrandMother: Joyce Denny

4G GrandMother: Ursula St Barbe

Mother: Elizabeth Washington

GrandFather: Laurence Washington

2G GrandFather: Lawrence Washington

3G GrandFather: Lawrence Washington

4G GrandFather: Lawrence Washington

5G GrandFather: John Washington