Paternal Family Tree


5Great Grandson __Henry VII King England and Ireland


17 Jan 1658 born

25 Aug 1665 [7] appointed 3rd Baron Seymour Trowbridge

29 Apr 1675 [17] succeeded 5th Duke Somerset (4C 1547)

20 Apr 1678 [20] killed



Father: Charles 2nd Baron Seymour Trowbridge (4G GS __Henry VII and Ireland)

Grandfather: Francis 1st Baron Seymour Trowbridge (3G GS __Henry VII and Ireland)

1G Grandfather: Edward Seymour (2G GS __Henry VII and Ireland)

2G Grandfather: Edward Seymour 1st Earl Hertford (5G GS __Edward III)

3G Grandfather: Edward Seymour 1st Duke Somerset (6G GS __Edward III)

3G Grandmother: Anne Stanhope (4G GD __Edward III)

2G Grandmother: Catherine Grey (1G GD __Henry VII and Ireland)

3G Grandfather: Henry Grey 1st Duke Suffolk (5G GS __Edward III)

3G Grandmother: Frances Brandon (GD __Henry VII and Ireland)

1G Grandmother: Honora Rogers

Grandmother: Frances Prinne

Mother: Eizabeth Alington (8G GD __Edward III)

Grandfather: William 1st Baron Alington

Grandmother: Elizabeth Tollemache (7G GD __Edward III)

1G Grandfather: Lionel Tollemache 2nd Baronet Helmingham Hall (8G GS __Edward III)

2G Grandfather: Lionel Tollemache 1st Baronet Helmingham Hall

2G Grandmother: Katherine Cromwell (7G GD __Edward III)

3G Grandfather: Henry 2nd Baron Cromwell Oakham (7G GS __Edward III)

3G Grandmother: Mary Paulet (6G GD __Edward III)

1G Grandmother: Elizabeth Stanhope (6G GD __Edward III)

2G Grandfather: John 1st Baron Stanhope of Harrington (5G GS __Edward III)

3G Grandfather: Michael Stanhope (4G GS __Edward III)

3G Grandmother: Anne Rawson

2G Grandmother: Margaret Macwilliams

3G Grandfather: Henry Macwilliams