Paternal Family Tree


11Great Grandson __Edward III King England


1711 born

05 Mar 1726 [15] succeeded 2nd Marquess Dorchester

05 Mar 1726 [15] succeeded 2nd Duke Kingston upon Hull

1741 [30] appointed 557rd Knight Garter: George II

Mar 1769 [58] married Elizabeth Chudleigh

23 Sep 1773 [62] died at Holme Pierrepoint Hall

buried at Church of St Edmund



Father: William Pierrepoint (10G GS __Edward III)

Grandfather: Evelyn 4th Earl Kingston upon Hull, 1st Duke Kingston upon Hull (10G GS __Edward III)

1G Grandfather: Robert Pierrepoint (9G GS __Edward III)

2G Grandfather: William Pierrepoint (8G GS __Edward III)

3G Grandfather: Robert 1st Earl Kingston upon Hull (11G GS __John I)

3G Grandmother: Gertrude Talbot (7G GD __Edward III)

2G Grandmother: Elizabeth Harries

3G Grandfather: Thomas Harries 1st Baronet Tong Castle

1G Grandmother: Elizabeth Evelyn

2G Grandfather: John Evelyn

2G Grandmother: Elizabeth Coxe

3G Grandfather: Robert Coxe

Grandmother: Mary Feilding (9G GD __Edward III)

1G Grandfather: William Feilding 3rd Earl Denbigh, 2nd Earl Desmond

2G Grandfather: George Feilding 1st Earl Desmond

3G Grandfather: William Feilding 1st Earl Denbigh

1G Grandmother: Mary Carey (8G GD __Edward III)

2G Grandfather: Henry Carey 2nd Earl Monmouth (7G GS __Edward III)

3G Grandfather: Robert Carey 1st Earl Monmouth (6G GS __Edward III)

3G Grandmother: Elizabeth Trevannion

2G Grandmother: Martha Cranfield

3G Grandfather: Lionel Cranfield 1st Earl Middlesex

3G Grandmother: Elizabeth Sheppard

Mother: Rachel Baynton

Grandfather: John of Bradford Wiltshire Baynton