Paternal Family Tree: Paston


1444 born at Geldeston to John Paston 1421-1466 and Margaret Mautby

b 1478 [34] married Margery Brewes

1462 [18] served under John Mowbray 4th Duke Norfolk

b 03 Jul 1468 [24] was at Marriage of Charles the Bold and Margaret of York at Bruges part of the retinue.

14 Apr 1471 [27] was wounded at Battle of Barnet: Lancaster

16 Jun 1487 [43] was knighted at Battle of Stoke Field: Lancaster at East Stoke

28 Aug 1504 [60] died


Mother: Margery Brewes

Christopher Paston 1478-1482 [Father: 34]

William Paston 1479-1554 [Father: 35]


Father: John Paston

GrandFather: William Paston

2G GrandFather: Clement Paston

2G GrandMother: Beatrice Somerton

GrandMother: Agnes Barry

2G GrandFather: Edmund Barry

Mother: Margaret Mautby

GrandFather: John Mautby