Paternal Family Tree

Maternal Family Tree Aoife Ní Diarmait Unknown


2Great Grandson Edward III King England


1432 born

educated at Balliol College

1458 [26] appointed Bishop Exeter

03 Dec 1458 [26] consecrated Bishop Exeter

10 Jul 1460 [28] present at Battle of Northampton: York

1461 [29] appointed Lord Chancellor

15 Mar 1465 [33] appointed Archbishop York

06 Sep 1465 [33] enthronement at George Neville's Enthronement as Archbishop Canterbury at Cawood Castle Archbishop York

11 Jul 1469 [37] presided at Marriage of George Duke of Clarence and Isabel Neville at Calais Isabel Neville 1st Duchess Clarence

25 Apr 1472 [40] arrested charge of treason

25 Apr 1472 [40] imprisoned at Hammes Castle

Nov 1474 [42] returned at England

08 Jun 1476 [44] died



Father: Richard Neville 5th Earl Salisbury (1G GS Edward III)

Grandfather: Ralph Neville 1st Earl Westmoreland (5G GS Henry II)

1G Grandfather: John 3rd Baron Neville Raby (4G GS Henry II)

2G Grandfather: Ralph 2nd Baron Neville Raby

3G Grandfather: Ralph 1st Baron Neville Raby

3G Grandmother: Euphemia Clavering

2G Grandmother: Alice Audley (3G GD Henry II)

3G Grandfather: Hugh Audley (2G GS Henry II)

3G Grandmother: Isolde Mortimer (3G GD John I)

1G Grandmother: Maud Percy (8G GD Henry I)

2G Grandfather: Henry 2nd Baron Percy (11G GS Edward King Anglo-Saxons)

3G Grandfather: Henry 1st Baron Percy (10G GS Edward King Anglo-Saxons)

3G Grandmother: Eleanor Fitzalan

2G Grandmother: Idonia Clifford (7G GD Henry I)

3G Grandfather: Robert 1st Baron Clifford

3G Grandmother: Maud Clare (6G GD Henry I)

Grandmother: Joan Beaufort (GD Edward III)

1G Grandfather: John of Gaunt 1st Duke Lancaster (S Edward III)

2G Grandfather: Edward III King England

3G Grandfather: Edward II King England

3G Grandmother: Isabella Capet Queen Consort England (4G GD Henry II)

2G Grandmother: Philippa Hainault Queen Consort England (5G GD Henry II)

3G Grandfather: William I Count Hainault, III Count Avesnes, III Count Holland, II Count Zeeland (4G GS Stephen I)

3G Grandmother: Joan Valois (4G GD Henry II)

1G Grandmother: Katherine Roet

2G Grandfather: Giles "Payne" Roet

Mother: Alice Montagu (3G GD Edward I)

Grandfather: Thomas Montagu 4th Earl Salisbury (3G GS Edward I)

1G Grandfather: John Montagu 3rd Earl Salisbury (2G GS Edward I)

2G Grandfather: John 1st Baron Montagu

3G Grandfather: William Montagu 1st Earl Salisbury

3G Grandmother: Catherine Grandison

2G Grandmother: Margaret Monthermer (1G GD Edward I)

3G Grandfather: Thomas 2nd Baron Monthermer (GS Edward I)

3G Grandmother: Margaret Brewes

1G Grandmother: Maud Francis

Grandmother: Eleanor Holland (2G GD Edward I)

1G Grandfather: Thomas Holland 2nd Earl Kent (1G GS Edward I)

2G Grandfather: Thomas Holland 1st Earl Kent

3G Grandfather: Robert 1st Baron Holland

3G Grandmother: Maud Zouche

2G Grandmother: Joan "Fair Maid of Kent" Plantagenet Princess Wales (GD Edward I)

3G Grandfather: Edmund of Woodstock Plantagenet 1st Earl Kent (S Edward I)

3G Grandmother: Margaret 3rd Baroness Wake Liddell (5G GD Henry II)

1G Grandmother: Alice Fitzalan (2G GD Henry III)

2G Grandfather: Richard Fitzalan 10th Earl Arundel, 8th Earl Surrey (13G GS Alfred)

3G Grandfather: Edmund Fitzalan 9th Earl Arundel

3G Grandmother: Alice Warenne (12G GD Alfred)

2G Grandmother: Eleanor Plantagenet (1G GD Henry III)

3G Grandfather: Henry Plantagenet 3rd Earl Leicester, 3rd Earl Lancaster (GS Henry III)

3G Grandmother: Maud Chaworth