Paternal Family Tree


Great Granddaughter Edward "Longshanks" I King England


20 Apr 1377 elected Abbot Barking



Father: Edward 1st Baron Montagu

Grandfather: William 2nd Baron Montagu

1G Grandfather: Simon 1st Baron Montagu

2G Grandfather: William Montagu

1G Grandmother: Hawise St Amand

Grandmother: Elizabeth Montfort

1G Grandfather: Peter Montfort

2G Grandfather: Thurstan Montfort

3G Grandfather: Henry Montfort

2G Grandmother: Unknown Cantilupe

3G Grandfather: William I Cantilupe

1G Grandmother: Alice Audley

2G Grandfather: Henry Audley

3G Grandfather: Adam Audley

3G Grandmother: Emma Fitzorm

2G Grandmother: Bertrade Mainwaring

3G Grandfather: Ralph Mainwaring

Mother: Alice of Norfolk Plantagenet (GD Edward I)

Grandfather: Thomas of Brotherton Plantagenet 1st Earl Norfolk (S Edward I)

1G Grandfather: Edward "Longshanks" I King England (S Henry III)

2G Grandfather: Henry of Winchester III King England (S John I)

3G Grandfather: John "Lackland" I King England (S Henry II)

3G Grandmother: Isabella Angouleme Queen Consort England

2G Grandmother: Eleanor of Provence Queen Consort England

3G Grandfather: Raymond Berenguer IV Count Provence

3G Grandmother: Beatrice Savoy

1G Grandmother: Margaret Capet (3G GD Henry II)

2G Grandfather: Philip "Bold" III King France (2G GS Henry II)

3G Grandfather: Louis IX King France (1G GS Henry II)

3G Grandmother: Margaret Provence Queen Consort France

2G Grandmother: Maria Reginar (3G GD Stephen I)

3G Grandfather: Henry Reginar III Duke Brabant (2G GS Stephen I)

3G Grandmother: Adelaide Burgundy (5G GD William I)

Grandmother: Alice Hales

1G Grandfather: Roger Hales