Paternal Family Tree


9Great Grandson Edward "Longshanks" I King England


1563 born

c 1574 [11] matriculated at Christ Church College

21 Sep 1585 [22] married at Weekley Elizabeth Jeffrey

1595 [32] appointed High Sheriff Nottinghamshire

25 Jul 1603 [40] appointed at Coronation James I at Westminster Abbey Knight of the Bath

1604 [41] elected MP Northamptonshire

24 Feb 1612 [49] married at Weekley Frances Cotton

29 Jun 1621 [58] created 1st Baron Montagu Boughton

16 Feb 1625 [62] married Anne Crouch

15 Jun 1644 [81] died at Savoy Hospital


Mother: Elizabeth Jeffrey

Elizabeth Montagu

Edward Montagu

Mother: Frances Cotton

Frances Montagu c 1614 [Father: 51]

Christopher Montagu 1618 [Father: 55]

William Montagu 1618 [Father: 55]

Edward 2nd Baron Montagu Boughton 11 Jul 1616 [Father: 53]


Father: Edward Montagu (8G GS Edward I)

Grandfather: Edward Montagu (7G GS Edward I)

1G Grandfather: Thomas Montagu (6G GS Edward I)

2G Grandfather: William Ladde Montagu (5G GS Edward I)

3G Grandfather: John Montagu (4G GS Edward I)

3G Grandmother: Alice Holcot

1G Grandmother: Agnes Dudley

Grandmother: Helen Roper

1G Grandfather: John Roper

Mother: Elizabeth Harrington

Grandfather: James Harrington

1G Grandfather: John Alexander Harrington

2G Grandfather: John Harrington

3G Grandfather: Robert Harrington

Grandmother: Lucy Sidney

1G Grandfather: William Sidney

2G Grandfather: Nicholas Sidney

3G Grandfather: William IV Sidney

2G Grandmother: Anne Brandon

3G Grandfather: William Brandon

1G Grandmother: Anne Pakenham

2G Grandfather: Hugh Pakenham