Paternal Family Tree: MARSHAL

Descent French Royalty: 4G Grandson Henry I King France


Around 1199 Walter Marshal 5th Earl Pembroke was born to William Marshal (53) and Isabel Clare 4th Countess Pembroke (27)

On 27 Jun 1241 Walter Marshal 5th Earl Pembroke (42) succeeded 5th Earl Pembroke (2C 1189)

On 06 Jan 1242 Walter Marshal 5th Earl Pembroke (43) and Margaret Quincy 2nd Countess Lincoln (36) were married

On 24 Nov 1245 Walter Marshal 5th Earl Pembroke (46) died at Goodrich Castle


Father: William Marshal

GrandFather: John Fitzgilbert

GrandMother: Sybil Salisbury

1G GrandFather: Walter Salisbury 2nd Baron Chitterne

2G GrandFather: Edward Salisbury 1st Baron Trowbridge, 1st Baron Chitterne

1G GrandMother: Sybilla Chaworth

Mother: Isabel Clare 4th Countess Pembroke

GrandFather: Richard "Strongbow" Clare 2nd Earl Pembroke, 1st Earl Buckingham

1G GrandFather: Gilbert Clare 1st Earl Pembroke

2G GrandFather: Gilbert Clare

3G GrandFather: Richard Clare

4G GrandFather: Gilbert Clare 2nd Count Eu

3G GrandMother: Rohese Giffard

4G GrandFather: Walter Giffard 1st Earl Buckingham

2G GrandMother: Alice Claremont

1G GrandMother: Isabel Beaumont-Roger

2G GrandFather: Robert Beaumont-Roger 1st Earl Leicester, Count Meulan

3G GrandFather: Roger "Bearded" Beaumont-Roger

4G GrandFather: Humphrey "Vielles" Beaumont-Roger

3G GrandMother: Adeline Meulan

2G GrandMother: Elizabeth Capet

3G GrandFather: Hugh "Great" Capet

4G GrandFather: Henry I King France

4G GrandMother: Anne Rurik

3G GrandMother: Adelaide Vermandois I Count Vermandois

4G GrandFather: Herbert Vermandois IV Count Vermandois

4G GrandMother: Adela Valois

GrandMother: Aoife Ní Diarmait Macmurrough

1G GrandFather: Diarmait Macmurrough