Paternal Family Tree


4Great Grandson Henry "Beauclearc" I King England


c 1235 born

14 May 1264 [29] fought at Battle of Lewes: Barons

04 Aug 1265 [30] captured at Battle of Evesham: Barons

married Joan Cantilupe

15 May 1266 [31] fought at Battle of Chesterfield: Barons

c 1269 [34] died


Mother: Joan Cantilupe

John Hastings 13th Baron Bergavenny, 1st Baron Hastings 06 May 1262 [Father: 27]


Father: Henry Hastings

Grandfather: William Hastings

1G Grandfather: William Hastings

2G Grandfather: Hugh Hastings

2G Grandmother: Erneburga Famville

1G Grandmother: Margaret Banaster

Grandmother: Margery Bigod

1G Grandfather: Roger Bigod 2nd Earl Norfolk

2G Grandfather: Hugh Bigod 1st Earl Norfolk

3G Grandfather: Roger Bigod

3G Grandmother: Adeliza Tosny

2G Grandmother: Juliana Vere

3G Grandfather: Aubrey II Vere

1G Grandmother: Ida Tosny

2G Grandfather: Ralph Tosny

3G Grandfather: Roger Tosny

3G Grandmother: Ida aka Gertrude Hainault

2G Grandmother: Margaret Beaumont-Roger

3G Grandfather: Robert Beaumont-Roger 2nd Earl Leicester

3G Grandmother: Amice Gael

Mother: Ada Dunkeld (3G GD Henry I)

Grandfather: David Dunkeld 9th Earl Huntingdon

1G Grandfather: Henry Dunkeld 4th Earl Northumberland, 3rd Earl Huntingdon

2G Grandfather: David I King Scotland

3G Grandfather: Malcolm III King Scotland

3G Grandmother: Margaret Wessex

1G Grandmother: Ada Warenne

2G Grandfather: William Warenne 2nd Earl Surrey

3G Grandfather: William Warenne 1st Earl Surrey

3G Grandmother: Gundred Unknown

2G Grandmother: Elizabeth Capet

3G Grandfather: Hugh "Great" Capet Count Vermandois

3G Grandmother: Adelaide I Count Vermandois

Grandmother: Matilda Gernon (2G GD Henry I)

1G Grandfather: Hugh de Kevelioc Gernon 5th Earl Chester (1G GS Henry I)

2G Grandfather: Ranulf Gernon 4th Earl Chester

3G Grandfather: Ranulf le Meschin Gernon 3rd Earl Chester

3G Grandmother: Lucy of Bolingbroke Bolingbroke

2G Grandmother: Matilda Fitzrobert (GD Henry I)

3G Grandfather: Robert of Gloucester Normandy 1st Earl Gloucester (S Henry I)

3G Grandmother: Mabel of Gloucester Fitzhamon

1G Grandmother: Bertrade Montfort

2G Grandfather: Simon "Chauve" Montfort 4th Count Évreux

3G Grandfather: Amaury Montfort Count Évreux

3G Grandmother: Agnès Garlande

2G Grandmother: Mathilde Unknown