Paternal Family Tree


8Great Grandson Edmund "Ironside" I King England


1325 born

married Maud Neville

26 Aug 1346 [21] fought at Battle of Crecy: England

19 Sep 1356 [31] fought at Battle of Poitiers: England

03 Apr 1367 [42] fought at Battle of Nájera: Peter of Castille at Castile

1367 [42] died



Father: Geoffrey Scrope

Grandfather: William Scrope

1G Grandfather: William Scrope

2G Grandfather: Henry Scrope

3G Grandfather: Simon Scrope

2G Grandmother: Juliane Brun

3G Grandfather: Roger Brun

Mother: Ivette Ros (7G GD Edmund I)

Grandfather: William Ros (6G GS Edmund I)

1G Grandfather: William Ros (5G GS Edmund I)

2G Grandfather: Robert Ros

2G Grandmother: Isabella Mac William Dunkeld (4G GD Edmund I)

3G Grandfather: William "Lion" I King Scotland (3G GS Edmund I)

3G Grandmother: Isabel d'Avenel Abenel

1G Grandmother: Lucy Fitzpeters