Paternal Family Tree

Maternal Family Tree Alice Camoys


7Great Grandson __Edward III King England


1567 born

1584 [17] married Philadelphia Carey

13 Jun 1592 [25] succeeded 10th Baron Scrope Bolton

1599 [32] appointed 390th Knight Garter: Elizabeth I

02 Sep 1609 [42] died at Langar


Mother: Philadelphia Carey

Third Cousin (Common Ancestors: Thomas Howard 2nd Duke Norfolk and Elizabeth Tilney)

Third Cousin Once Removed (Common Ancestors: Robert Spencer and Eleanor Beaufort)

Emanuel Scrope 1st Earl Sunderland 01 Aug 1584 [Father: 17]


Father: Henry 9th Baron Scrope Bolton

Grandfather: John 8th Baron Scrope Bolton

1G Grandfather: Henry 7th Baron Scrope Bolton

2G Grandfather: Henry 6th Baron Scrope Bolton

3G Grandfather: John 5th Baron Scrope Bolton

3G Grandmother: Elizabeth St John

2G Grandmother: Elizabeth Percy

3G Grandfather: Henry Percy 3rd Earl Northumberland

3G Grandmother: Eleanor Poynings

1G Grandmother: Mabel Dacre

2G Grandfather: Thomas 2nd Baron Dacre Gilsland

3G Grandfather: Humphrey 1st Baron Dacre Gilsland

3G Grandmother: Mabel Parr

2G Grandmother: Elizabeth Greystoke

3G Grandfather: Robert Greystoke

3G Grandmother: Elizabeth Grey

Grandmother: Catherine Clifford

1G Grandfather: Henry Clifford 1st Earl Cumberland

2G Grandfather: Henry "Shepherd Lord" 10th Baron Clifford

3G Grandfather: John "Butcher" 9th Baron Clifford

3G Grandmother: Margaret Bromflete

2G Grandmother: Anne St John

3G Grandfather: John St John

3G Grandmother: Alice Bradshaigh

1G Grandmother: Margaret Percy

2G Grandfather: Henry Percy 5th Earl Northumberland

3G Grandfather: Henry Percy 4th Earl Northumberland

3G Grandmother: Maud Herbert

2G Grandmother: Katherine Spencer

3G Grandfather: Robert Spencer

3G Grandmother: Eleanor Beaufort

Mother: Margaret Howard

Grandfather: Henry Howard

1G Grandfather: Thomas Howard 3rd Duke Norfolk

2G Grandfather: Thomas Howard 2nd Duke Norfolk

3G Grandfather: John Howard 1st Duke Norfolk

3G Grandmother: Katherine Moleyns

2G Grandmother: Elizabeth Tilney

3G Grandfather: Frederick Tilney

3G Grandmother: Elizabeth Cheney

1G Grandmother: Elizabeth Stafford 3rd Duchess Norfolk

2G Grandfather: Edward Stafford 3rd Duke Buckingham

3G Grandfather: Henry Stafford 2nd Duke Buckingham

3G Grandmother: Catherine Woodville

2G Grandmother: Eleanor Percy

3G Grandfather: Henry Percy 4th Earl Northumberland

3G Grandmother: Maud Herbert

Grandmother: Frances Vere

1G Grandfather: John Vere 15th Earl Oxford

2G Grandfather: John Vere

3G Grandfather: Robert Vere

3G Grandmother: Joan Courtenay

2G Grandmother: Alice Colbroke

1G Grandmother: Elizabeth Trussell

2G Grandfather: Edward Trussell

2G Grandmother: Margaret Donne

3G Grandfather: John Donne

3G Grandmother: Elizabeth Hastings