On 21 May 1790 William Cavendish 6th Duke Devonshire was born to William Cavendish 5th Duke Devonshire and Georgiana Spencer at Paris

In 1811 William Cavendish 6th Duke Devonshire succeeded 6th Duke Devonshire

On 19 Jul 1821 William Cavendish 6th Duke Devonshire carried the Orb. at Westminster Abbey during the Coronation of George IV

In 1827 William Cavendish 6th Duke Devonshire was appointed 633rd Knight Garter: George III

On 18 Jan 1858 William Cavendish 6th Duke Devonshire died at Hardwick Hall

After 18 Jan 1858 William Cavendish 6th Duke Devonshire was buried


Father: William Cavendish 5th Duke Devonshire

GrandFather: William Cavendish 4th Duke Devonshire

2G GrandFather: William Cavendish 3rd Duke Devonshire

3G GrandFather: William Cavendish 2nd Duke Devonshire

4G GrandFather: William Cavendish 1st Duke Devonshire

5G GrandFather: William Cavendish 3rd Earl Devonshire

5G GrandMother: Elizabeth Cecil

4G GrandMother: Mary Butler

5G GrandFather: James Butler 1st Duke Ormonde

5G GrandMother: Elizabeth Preston

3G GrandMother: Rachel Russell

4G GrandFather: William Russell

5G GrandFather: William Russell 1st Duke Bedford

5G GrandMother: Anne Carr

4G GrandMother: Rachel Wriothesley

5G GrandFather: Thomas Wriothesley 4th Earl Southampton

5G GrandMother: Rachel Massue

2G GrandMother: Catherine Hoskyns

GrandMother: Charlotte Elizabeth Boyle

2G GrandFather: Richard Boyle

3G GrandFather: Charles Boyle

4G GrandFather: Charles Boyle

5G GrandFather: Richard Boyle

5G GrandMother: Elizabeth Clifford

4G GrandMother: Jane Seymour

5G GrandFather: William Seymour 2nd Duke Somerset

5G GrandMother: Frances Devereux

3G GrandMother: Juliana Noel

4G GrandFather: Henry Noel

5G GrandFather: Baptist Noel 3rd Viscount Campden

5G GrandMother: Hester Wotton

2G GrandMother: Dorothy Savile

3G GrandFather: William Savile

4G GrandFather: George Savile

5G GrandFather: William Savile

5G GrandMother: Anne Coventry

4G GrandMother: Dorothy Spencer

5G GrandFather: Henry Spencer 1st Earl Sunderland

5G GrandMother: Dorothy Sidney

3G GrandMother: Mary Finch

4G GrandFather: Daniel Finch 2nd Earl Nottingham, 7th Earl Winchelsea

5G GrandFather: Heneage Finch 1st Earl Nottingham

5G GrandMother: Elizabeth Harvey

4G GrandMother: Anne Hatton

5G GrandFather: Christopher Hatton

5G GrandMother: Cicely Tufton

Mother: Georgiana Spencer

GrandFather: John Spencer 1st Earl Spencer

2G GrandFather: John Spencer

3G GrandFather: Charles Spencer 3rd Earl Sunderland

4G GrandFather: Robert Spencer 2nd Earl Sunderland

5G GrandFather: Henry Spencer 1st Earl Sunderland

5G GrandMother: Dorothy Sidney

4G GrandMother: Anne Digby

5G GrandFather: George Digby 2nd Earl Bristol

5G GrandMother: Anne Russell

3G GrandMother: Anne Churchill

4G GrandFather: John Churchill 1st Duke Marlborough

5G GrandFather: Winston Churchill

5G GrandMother: Elizabeth Drake

4G GrandMother: Sarah Jennings

5G GrandFather: Richard Jennings

2G GrandMother: Georgiana Caroline Carteret

3G GrandFather: John Carteret 2nd Earl Granville

4G GrandFather: George Carteret 1st Baron Carteret

5G GrandFather: Philip Carteret

5G GrandMother: Jemima Montagu

4G GrandMother: Grace Granville

5G GrandFather: John Granville

3G GrandMother: Frances Worsley

4G GrandFather: Robert Worsley

4G GrandMother: Frances Thynne

5G GrandFather: Thomas Thynne 1st Viscount Weymouth

5G GrandMother: Frances Finch

GrandMother: Margaret Georgiana Poyntz

2G GrandFather: Stephen Poyntz

3G GrandFather: William Poyntz

4G GrandFather: Newdigate Poyntz

5G GrandFather: John Poyntz

2G GrandMother: Anna-Maria Mordaunt

3G GrandFather: Lewis Mordaunt

4G GrandFather: John Mordaunt 1st Viscount Mordaunt

5G GrandFather: John Mordaunt 1st Earl Peterborough

5G GrandMother: Elizabeth Howard

4G GrandMother: Elizabeth Carey

5G GrandFather: Thomas Carey

5G GrandMother: Margaret Smith