Paternal Family Tree

Maternal Family Tree Isabel Ingaldsthorpe


4Great Grandson Edward III King England


c 1500 born

1528 [28] married Alice Gage

15 Oct 1537 [37] surrounded the font at Christening Edward VI: Surrounded the Font at Chapel Royal (Hampton Court Palace)

1540 [40] appointed 305th Knight Garter: Henry VIII

a 1540 [40] married Elizabeth "The Fair Geraldine" Fitzgerald

06 May 1548 [48] died at Byfleet

buried at Senlac Hill


Mother: Alice Gage

Anthony Browne 1st Viscount Montague 29 Nov 1528 [Father: 28]

Mary Browne

Mabel Browne


Father: Anthony Browne (6G GS Edward I)

Grandfather: Thomas Browne Lord Treasurer, Lord Chancellor

Grandmother: Eleanor Fitzalan (5G GD Edward I)

1G Grandfather: Thomas Fitzalan (4G GS Edward I)

2G Grandfather: John Fitzalan 2nd Baron Maltravers (3G GS Henry III)

3G Grandfather: John Fitzalan 1st Baron Arundel, 1st Baron Maltravers (2G GS Henry III)

3G Grandmother: Eleanor Maltravers (5G GD John I)

2G Grandmother: Elizabeth Despencer (3G GD Edward I)

3G Grandfather: Edward 1st Baron Despencer (2G GS Edward I)

3G Grandmother: Elizabeth Burghesh (6G GD John I)

1G Grandmother: Joan Moyns

Mother: Lucy Neville (3G GD Edward III)

Grandfather: John Neville 1st Marquess Montagu (2G GS Edward III)

1G Grandfather: Richard Neville 5th Earl Salisbury (1G GS Edward III)

2G Grandfather: Ralph Neville 1st Earl Westmoreland (5G GS Henry II)

3G Grandfather: John 3rd Baron Neville Raby (4G GS Henry II)

3G Grandmother: Maud Percy (8G GD Henry I)

2G Grandmother: Joan Beaufort (GD Edward III)

3G Grandfather: John of Gaunt 1st Duke Lancaster (S Edward III)

3G Grandmother: Katherine Roet

1G Grandmother: Alice Montagu (3G GD Edward I)

2G Grandfather: Thomas Montagu 4th Earl Salisbury (3G GS Edward I)

3G Grandfather: John Montagu 3rd Earl Salisbury (2G GS Edward I)

3G Grandmother: Maud Francis

2G Grandmother: Eleanor Holland (2G GD Edward I)

3G Grandfather: Thomas Holland 2nd Earl Kent (1G GS Edward I)

3G Grandmother: Alice Fitzalan (2G GD Henry III)

Grandmother: Isabel Ingaldsthorpe