Paternal Family Tree


1144 born

c 1166 [22] married Maud "Lady of Hay" St Valery

c 25 Dec 1175 [31] carried out at Abergavenny Massacre at Abergavenny Castle

1179 [35] succeeded 4th Baron Bramber (Feudal)

1192 [48] appointed Sheriff Herefordshire

09 Aug 1211 [67] died at France


Mother: Maud "Lady of Hay" St Valery

Maud Braose

William Braose

Margaret Braose

Giles Braose Bishop Hereford

Reginald Braose 19 Sep 1182 [Father: 38] [Mother: 27]

Eleanor Braose

Loretta Braose 4th Countess Leicester c 1185 [Father: 41] [Mother: 30]

John Braose 1197 [Father: 53] [Mother: 42]

Flandrina Braose


Father: William Braose 3rd Baron Bramber

Grandfather: Phillip Braose 2nd Baron Bramber

1G Grandfather: William Braose 1st Baron Bramber

Grandmother: Aenor Totnes

1G Grandfather: Juhel Totnes

Mother: Bertha of Hereford Gloucester

Grandfather: Miles Gloucester 1st Earl Hereford

1G Grandfather: Walter Gloucester

2G Grandfather: Roger of Pitres Gloucester

2G Grandmother: Adeliza or Eunice Balun

3G Grandfather: Hamelin Balun

1G Grandmother: Bertha Balun

2G Grandfather: Unknown Balun

3G Grandfather: Hamelin de Balun Lord Abergavenny Balun

Grandmother: Sibyl Neufmarché

1G Grandfather: Bernard Neufmarché

2G Grandfather: Geofrey "The Incompetent" Neufmarché

3G Grandfather: Turquetil Neufmarché

3G Grandmother: Adeline Neuf-Marché

2G Grandmother: Ada II Heugleville

1G Grandmother: Agnes or Nest Fitzrichard

2G Grandfather: Osbern Fitzrichard 2nd Baron Burford

3G Grandfather: Richard Fitzscrope

2G Grandmother: Nest verch Gruffydd Cadelling

3G Grandfather: Gruffydd ap Llywelyn King Wales

3G Grandmother: Ealdgyth Mercia