Paternal Family Tree: BRAOSE

Descent French Royalty: 5G Granddaughter Henry I King France


Around 1222 Isabella "Lady of Snowdon" Braose Princess Wales was born to William Braose and Eva Marshal (19)

In 1230 Dafydd ap Llewellyn Aberffraw Prince Wales (17) and Isabella "Lady of Snowdon" Braose Princess Wales (8) were married

In 1240 Isabella "Lady of Snowdon" Braose Princess Wales (18) was appointed as Princess Wales

Around 1248 Isabella "Lady of Snowdon" Braose Princess Wales (26) died


Father: William Braose

GrandFather: Reginald Braose

1G GrandFather: William Braose 4th Baron Bramber

2G GrandFather: William Braose 3rd Baron Bramber

3G GrandFather: Phillip Braose 2nd Baron Bramber

4G GrandFather: William Braose 1st Baron Bramber

3G GrandMother: Aenor Totnes

4G GrandFather: Juhel Totnes

2G GrandMother: Bertha Gloucester

3G GrandFather: Miles Gloucester 1st Earl Hereford

4G GrandFather: Walter Gloucester

4G GrandMother: Bertha Balun

3G GrandMother: Sibyl Neufmarché

4G GrandFather: Bernard Neufmarché

4G GrandMother: Agnes or Nest Fitzrichard

1G GrandMother: Maud "Lady of Hay" St Valery

2G GrandFather: Bernard St Valery

3G GrandFather: Reginald St Valery

2G GrandMother: Matilda Unknown

GrandMother: Graecia Briwere

Mother: Eva Marshal

GrandFather: William Marshal

1G GrandFather: John Fitzgilbert

1G GrandMother: Sybil Salisbury

2G GrandFather: Walter Salisbury 2nd Baron Chitterne

3G GrandFather: Edward Salisbury 1st Baron Trowbridge, 1st Baron Chitterne

2G GrandMother: Sybilla Chaworth

GrandMother: Isabel Clare 4th Earl Pembroke

1G GrandFather: Richard "Strongbow" Clare 2nd Earl Pembroke, 1st Earl Buckingham

2G GrandFather: Gilbert Clare 1st Earl Pembroke

3G GrandFather: Gilbert Clare

4G GrandFather: Richard Clare

4G GrandMother: Rohese Giffard

3G GrandMother: Alice Claremont

2G GrandMother: Isabel Beaumont-Roger

3G GrandFather: Robert Beaumont-Roger 1st Earl Leicester, Count Meulan

4G GrandFather: Roger "Bearded" Beaumont-Roger

4G GrandMother: Adeline Meulan

3G GrandMother: Elizabeth Capet

4G GrandFather: Hugh "Great" Capet

4G GrandMother: Adelaide Vermandois I Count Vermandois

1G GrandMother: Aoife Ní Diarmait Macmurrough

2G GrandFather: Diarmait Macmurrough