Paternal Family Tree: Wessex


Son Alfred "The Great" King England


c 874 born to Alfred The Great King England 849-899 and Ealhswith Mercia -902

c 893 [19] married Ecgwynn Unknown

c 900 [26] married Ælfflæd Wiltshire

c 919 [45] married Eadgifu Kent

26 Oct 899 [25] succeeded King Anglo-Saxons

17 July 924 [50] died


Mother: Ecgwynn Unknown

Æthelstan I King Anglo-Saxons I King England 894-939 [Father: 20]

Edith Wessex

Mother: Ælfflæd Wiltshire

Ælfweard Wessex 902-924 [Father: 28]

Edwin Wessex -933

Æthelhild Wessex

Eadgifu Wessex -951

Eadflæd Wessex

Eadhild Wessex

Eadgyth Wessex -946

Ælfgifu Wessex

Mother: Eadgifu Kent

Edmund I King England 939-946 [Father: 65]

Eadred I King England -955

Eadburh Wessex -952

Ælfgifu Wessex


Father: Alfred "The Great" King England

GrandFather: Æthelwulf King Wessex

2G GrandFather: Egbert King Wessex

3G GrandFather: Ealmund King Kent

4G GrandFather: Eafa Wessex

GrandMother: Osburgh Unknown

2G GrandFather: Oslac Unknown

Mother: Ealhswith Mercia

GrandFather: Æthelred Mucel Mercia Earldorman Gaini

GrandMother: Eadburh Mercia