Paternal Family Tree


On 04 Jul 673 Hlothhere King Kent succeeded as King Kent

On 06 Feb 685 Hlothhere King Kent died of wounds received in a battle with his nephew, and co-ruler, Eadric King Kent.

Hlothhere King Kent was born to Eorcenberht King Kent and Seaxburh Wuffingas Abbot Ely


Father: Eorcenberht King Kent

GrandFather: Eadbald King Kent

2G GrandFather: Æthelberht King Kent

3G GrandFather: Eormenric King Kent

4G GrandFather: Octa King Kent

2G GrandMother: Bertha Merovingian

3G GrandFather: Charibert King Paris

4G GrandFather: Clothar "The Old" I King Paris, King Franks

3G GrandMother: Ingoberga Unknown

GrandMother: Emma Austrasia

2G GrandFather: Theudebert II King Austrasia

Mother: Seaxburh Wuffingas Abbot Ely

GrandFather: Anna King East Anglia

2G GrandFather: Eni Wuffingas

3G GrandFather: Tytila King East Anglia

4G GrandFather: Wuffa King East Anglia

5G GrandFather: Wehha Wuffingas