Paternal Family Tree


Around 604 Oswald King Northumbria was born to Æthelfrith King Bernicia, King Deira (24) and Acha Deira

In 634 Oswald King Northumbria (30) won a decisive victory over the army of the Kingdom of Gwynedd at the Battle of Heavenfield which was fought at Heavenfield around six miles north of Hexham. St Oswald's Church is believed to mark the location where Oswald King Northumbria (30) raised his standard. The battle re-united Deira and Bernicia to form Northumbria and, according to Bede, restored Christianity to Northumbria.

On 05 Aug 641 (or 642) Oswald King Northumbria (37) killed during the Battle of Maserfield. His body was subsequently dismembered with his head and arms mounted on poles.

Before 05 Aug 642 Æthelwald King Deira was born to Oswald King Northumbria

Oswald King Northumbria and Kyneburga Unknown were married

Oswald King Northumbria converted to Christianity

Oswald King Northumbria succeeded as King Northumbria


Father: Æthelfrith King Bernicia, King Deira

GrandFather: Æthelric King Bernicia

Mother: Acha Deira

GrandFather: Ælla King Deira

2G GrandFather: Yffe Deira